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Why Sleeping With An Ex Is Not Always A Bad Idea

You may think that sleeping with your ex would be the last thing on the earth you would want to do. While getting back to your ex seems odd, many don’t take it in the wrong way, especially if you still cherish the bygone memories. 

Why Sleeping With An Ex Is Not Always A Bad Idea

According to one of the studies conducted in Wayne state’s university in two groups of people with recent breakups. This study included a total of 372 and 113 people, respectively, where the folks were asked if they did not mind getting back to their exes? These candidates answered the questionnaire based on their desire for physical contact with their exes, emotional attachment, and current feelings for them.

Based on this study, it was expected for these people to reach their ultimate emotional state and remorse when spoken about this question of sleeping with their exes due to not being appropriately healed. But when they were asked, “if they would want to sleep with their exes?” The reaction turned the tables; it was totally unexpected. The candidates were instead filled with more positivity and less sadness when talked about hooking with their exes. This is primarily applicable to those who recently met with a breakup and couldn’t move on due to some undying hopes related to their past relationship. That is why such people have more potential to get back to their exes and make physical contact. 

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In simple terms, you can relate this to any of your past breakup experiences, where your mind would still get stuck to the ex because of any XYZ reason like you were not expecting a breakup, you were in love but were dumped, etc. If you had witnessed a split due to any such causes, there are high chances of getting involved with sex due to a desire to have a long relationship. Therefore, their fragile emotional state won’t restrict them from taking this step.

However, keep in mind to take this decision with an open mind, do not get emotionally carried, and later regret sleeping with an ex. If your sole aim is to sleep or be with your ex, is to win them back, then don’t just shatter if this doesn’t happen. You should somewhat be prepared for whatever is coming your way and always remember, your ex dumped you; sleeping with them won’t necessarily help you get them in your life again.

But if you think sleeping with an ex might help you move on quickly, weigh your decision carefully. Coming over to your ex, again and again, can be complicated, ultimately making it more challenging to move on. Therefore, think wisely to keep away from the state of being questioned to yourself, “what to do after sleeping with an ex”?


If you are still lovestruck in your old relationship after a breakup, then thoughts like “sleeping with an ex in a dream” or “sleeping with an ex who cheated on you” can still arise. This is scientifically supported by research, and the factors like difficulty in moving on, still having desires for sex, etc., can very well contribute towards it. Whatever your decision is, make sure to take it sensibly while considering all the aspects that can make you regret later after sleeping.

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