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How To Use Beard Wax The Right Way – 6 Simple Steps


When it comes to beards, they’re indeed a great way to show off your manhood. However, it should be noted that to keep them looking neat, a lot of care must be taken for the same. When you groom beards, it takes a certain amount of time along with some of the most excellent products around such as a beard wax & conditioners. Beard wax is mainly used to hold your beard in place while the conditioner is necessary to give it some healthy shine. Therefore, in this article guide today, we’ll only be talking about beard wax and the correct ways you can use it to keep your beard indeed in the most excellent shape possible.

6 Simple Steps To Use Beard Wax The Right Way

1. Clean Your Beard

You should not be applying beard wax to a dirty looking beard. This is because dust and dirt accumulate inside your beard whiskers and it’s even more of a problem with a longer looking beard. You cannot style a dirty beard because the beard will trap all the dirt inside your beard.

The best way to wash your beard would be to use a beard wash or a shampoo. Please don’t proceed to use the same shampoo that you use on your head because both of them come with different ingredients. Beard shampoos only clean your beard but keep the oils in, unlike your scalp shampoo which removes both dirt and oil from your hair. Once you’ve used the beard wash or shampoo, you can proceed to use a beard conditioner or oil.

2. Dry Your Beard

Once you’re done shampooing your beard and rinsing it with slightly warm water, you’ll need first to dry it before you can proceed to apply the beard wax. Always use a soft towel to pat your beard dry and thereby use a blower dryer – if you feel there’s a need.

However, it should be remembered that excessive hot air can easily damage the whiskers of your beard and thereby make them tough & dull. It’s only for this reason, use the dryer on low-medium speed and take frequent breaks during the process.

3. Untangle Your Beard

After you’ve cleaned and dried up your beard, it’s the ultimate time to comb it and untangle all the complications, before you can apply beard wax. By brushing your beard, it makes it more manageable to use and thereby offers a better surface for the beard wax to reside in. However, you should not be using just any other comb out there – because you need to opt for a beard comb. These combs are designed to style and untangle facial hair such as a beard or moustache.

Using a cheap comb might damage your whiskers, so always invest in quality beard combs. These combs are mainly made from cellulose acetate, wood or metal. Take your time in performing such a process by starting from your bottom (close to your neckline) and working it back up. Try to be gentle and if you encounter any snags, stop and gently pull out those snags.

4. Prepping The Wax

Finally, the time has come to apply your beard wax. But, before you do so, you need to soften up the wax because the fatty acids inside the wax always solidify at room temperature and thereby become harder to be used.

One of the most natural methods to soften up the beard wax is by exposing the bottom side of the container to a bowl of boiling water for some time. You can even pour hot water over the box with the lid being on – thereby softening the material inside. You can also use your blow dryer over it for some minutes. Using a softened wax makes it easy to apply, and if you use the wax without softening it, it can leave wax residues and flakes inside your beard whiskers.

5. Applying The Wax

Once your beard wax has been prepped, the following steps of procedure should be followed:

  • Use only one finger to scoop a small amount of wax on your fingertip.
  • Use your thumb and forefinger to rub the wax to soften it more. You can also rub the same with the help of the palm of your hand.
  • Start your application by first adding the wax to the sides of your beard. Ensure that you don’t use too much; otherwise, wax residues or flakes will be left behind.
  • Give yourself some extra time to apply the wax.
  • After that, start massaging the wax evenly throughout your whiskers. You don’t have to apply wax to the skin underneath and as the whiskers will do the job for you.
  • You can then start using your beard comb to distribute the wax throughout your beard and also the skin underneath it. This will help the wax get evenly spread throughout your beard.
  • Continue the process with small amounts and concentrate on one side of the beard each time.
  • Use a small amount of wax in-front of your beard and then use your comb to style it any way you want.

6. Adding Finishing Touches

Give your beard along with the wax some time to dry itself out before you plan to go outdoors. In case you’ve applied too much beard wax, don’t panic because the excess can be removed using a towel or cloth. Moreover, you can comb the excess wax out.

Using a hairdryer will fasten up the procedure though. Wash your beard comb after the application because it will keep the comb free from residues, flakes and whiskers on a day-to-day scenario.


There’s no denying that beard wax serves as an essential element in the entire grooming routine for men. For instance, if you need to style your beard and want to keep it in shape, you need beard wax – because it can do all of the above without making your beard look lifeless and dull. With the above guide, you’ll be able to get the most out of your beard wax – every time you plan on using it.

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