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Style Hacks For Big Guys That Will Help Them Look Slimmer

We workout and diet and do everything possible to become slim and trim but some extra tyres are a pain to beat! With age, it gets more and more difficult to lose the fat but dressing well can surely help the appearance. If you are conscious of how you look and carry yourself, below we give some tips for big guys how to dress to look thinner. Read on for 7 style hacks for big guys that will help them look slimmer. 

1. Button Up The Blazers and Unbutton The Jackets

If you are looking for a fashion hack to look slimmer, suit up whenever you get a chance! A classy, well-tailored suit gives a perfect shape and frame to the body. Avoid a three-piece suit and break it down to a monochromatic jacket with a dark trouser or dark shirt. Button up the blazer to give the figure a clean cut visually. The stiff material gives shape to the torso. 

A casual jacket on the other hand, should be left unbuttoned. The softer material tends to take the shape of the body and fits tight on the belly. A jacket is also shorter than a blazer and will rise up if buttoned, adding mass to the mid region. Unbutton the jacket or cardigan will break the blocked look and create vertical visual illusions. 

2.  Avoid Baggy Clothes

Loose or regular fit clothes can make you appear heftier than normal. As popularly believed, the ill-fit will not cover the bulges but make you look shabby and larger. A good fit is important to cover the extra fat but also give some shape to the curves. Clothes with a good cut will give a feel of a slimmer waist and broader shoulders. Baggy clothes usually have no shape and just make you look like a block. 

3. Maintain A Sharp Beard

A sharp beard will camouflage the rounded face. It gives the face a slimmer look. It pulls away attention from the rest of the body. Beards define the shape of the cheek and jawline. However, if the entire beard is the same length, it may make the face look more rounded as the sideburn blends into the hairline. A goatee or a beard slightly longer than the chin will add length to the face, making it look slimmer. Read more about beard styles to highlight jawline.

4. Wear Dark Colors

Dark colors are naturally slimming. It hides the shadows of the bulges. Saturated shades or dark blues and black will definitely cut the flab. Dull, washed out jeans or faded colors will not hide the extra tyres. Dark colors create an appearance of the neat and clean fit with monochromatic effects, concealing all unnecessary curves. 

5. Go For High Rise Denims

Amongst the tips on how to look less fat for guys, denims can be tricky. Loose, low jeans will make you look shorter, plumber and shabby. High rise denims can pull in the tummy and make the legs look longer. This gives an overall slimmer appearance. Low waist jeans tend to let the belly fat hang out, showing a tyre through the shirt or shirt. 

6. Get Rid Of Prints

Prints, especially big patterns, add volume to the body. These are good for slim people but if you are aiming at looking slimmer, prints are not a good idea. 

When we talk about how to look less fat for guys, dark, block colors and horizontal stripes can work wonders for the shape of the body. They make your look slimmer and taller. Colors like navy blue, khaki green, grey or black are good colors to hide the extra flab. Loud colors draw attention to the figure. If you must wear prints, choose subtle, small patterns.

7. Good Fabrics To The Rescue

Fabrics play a huge part in how you look. Heavy, thick fabrics add mass to the body, making you look bulkier. Again fabrics which are too thin can also cling to the body accentuating the unshapely parts and bulges. Cotton, silk, denim, or wool gabardine are fabrics that could work to make you look slimmer as they usually do not add volume. Materials like suede, leather, crushed velvet, wide wale corduroy, angora, mohair, boucle, taffeta, and flannel, tend to add volume to your appearance. But everybody is different so pick a fabric that works best for you. 


Don’t let your extra flab bring you down. As you keep the fitness regime on, let us help you look your best with these fashion tips. Hope these 7 style hacks for big guys will help you look slim and trim. 

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