How To Buy T-Shirt Based On Your Body Type (For Men)

How To Buy T-Shirt Based On Your Body Type (For Men)

Do you feel that finding a perfectly fitted T-shirt which compliments your physique is nearly an impossible task? Let’s recreate a scene to understand how you usually pick your T-shirt. You enter your favourite clothes store and scan all the T-shirts displayed. You pick 2-3 attractive looking T-shirts and head to the trial room.

You try the T-shirts and find their length too long or the sleeves too loose or too tight fitted or they simply don’t look great on you. You either settle for loose fitted T-shirts or purchase T-shirts with a plan to work on your body. While working on your physique is great for your health but you don’t need to work on your body to fit into your clothes.

Instead, find the right fitted T-shirt which is meant for your body. Different men belong to different body types and not all T-shirts fit one body type. What looks good on a muscular man may not necessarily look good on a chubby man. T-shirts are designed for people of different shapes and sizes.

Then why don’t we find our perfectly fitted T-shirt? For this, you need to understand your body type. Once you figure out your body type, then buying a perfectly fitted T-shirt will be a piece of cake. The secret to look best dressed lies in understanding your body type. Clothes which flatter your body type make you stand out and look confident.

How to Buy T-Shirt Based On Your Body Type

Let’s understand different body types and which T-shirts are best suited for each type.

1. Baggy T-Shirts For Round Body Type

If you are a bit on the heavier side, then don’t look at slim fit T-shirts. Dress for the body you have now and not for the body you want in the future. Also ditch T-shirts which are a bit short in length. You should start focussing on baggy T-shirts. Length of the T-shirt matters a lot hence long and loose T-shirts are your best friends. You might have noticed a lot of hip-hop and rap artists wearing oversized T-shirts. This style not only looks cool but also perfectly complements men who belong to the round body type. Baggy T-shirts make you look slimmer and are also super comfy. Pair your baggy T-shirt with fitted trouser to complete the look.   

2. Muscle Fit T-Shirt For Athletic Body Type

You belong to this body type if you have a large chest, flat stomach and shoulders wider than your hips. Men with this body type require a T-shirt which will highlight their physique. Wearing muscle fit T-shirts with a V-neck will go perfectly well with your athletic body. Choose muscle fit T-shirts which are tailored around the waist. V-neck comes in two types, narrow and broad. Narrow V-neck looks great on muscular fit T-shirts. These types of T-shirts will give you the perfect fit and will enhance the shape of your body. Pair your muscular fit V-neck T-shirt with a scarf to add a touch of elegance to the look.

3. Slim Fit T-Shirts For Muscular Body Type

If you are well built with large muscles and have a body that you can flaunt, then you perfectly fit this body type. Avoid choosing bigger size T-shirts since it will appear baggy and ruin all the hard work you have put into yourself. A slim fit T-shirt is the right choice for your body shape. These T-shirts are stylish and look great on muscular body type. While choosing a slim fit T-shirt, keep in mind that its length should neither be too short nor too long. Short length T-shirt will make you look stocky and long length T-shirt will make you look baggy. Men with muscular body type should avoid thick and heavy layering since it will make them look huge. Wearing light cardigans and thin sweaters over your T-shirt can save you from looking bulky. You can pair your slim fit T-shirt with your favourite trousers and flaunt your muscular physique.

4. Boxy T-Shirts For Lean Body Type

You belong to this body type if your shoulders and waist are of the same width. Men with this body type appear disproportionate since their body lacks muscle definition. Boxy T-shirts are the best for lean body since it makes the shape of your body look attractive. These T-shirts give the upper body a square shape and are meant to just hang off a person’s body loosely. They give you a relaxed fit and also look very fashionable. Pair your Boxy T-shirts with rugged jeans to give it a cool and trendy look.

5. Straight Fit T-Shirts For Thin Body Type

If your body is thin and skinny, then you belong to this body type. While many aspire to be slim but only those who belong to this body type will know the efforts that they have to put in to style themselves the right way. They often look undernourished and are constantly in search for clothes that will make them look fit and healthy. Most of them find it challenging to find T-shirts that might look good on them. Men with thin body type need to cling onto straight fit T-shirts. These T-shirts give you an illusion of proportionate width. Layering yourself is also a great way to get a balanced look. Pair your straight fit T-shirt with a cool jacket to complete the look.

Now that you know in which category you belong, your next shopping experience at a clothing store should be a cakewalk. Knowing your body type helps in defining your personality and is also crucial in shaping your fashion sensibilities. Wearing perfectly fitted T-shirt is an essential factor for men belonging to all body types. Understanding your body type helps you in selecting the right T-shirt which is meant for your body. Well fitted T-shirts look good and compliment your physique. This enhances your appearance and makes you look more confident.

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