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Just Been Dumped? Get Over Your Breakup With These 8 Ways!

Nothing can emotionally traumatize you more than a breakup or being dumped by someone you solemnly loved. You might feel the worst mental pain, social discomfort and may even lose interest in meeting your friends and mates. It is all normal to happen post-breakup, but life cannot just go on the same way.

After giving yourself enough time to sobbing around, indulging in late-night sweet treats, and summoning up to guilt, you eventually have to gather all your broken pieces and think about leading a happy life to improve yourself after a breakup. This might not sound so easy after a fresh separation, but the less you delay, the faster you will be on track.

To help you with the same, we have narrowed down some of the best ways to move on after a breakup when you are still in love. To know what these ways are, continue reading the post!

Get Over Your Breakup With These 8 Ways!

1. Spend more time with friends

Men partying after a breakup

Admit it; no one else can understand you the way a true friend does! So, go free and talk about anything you want to with your best friend. The more time you spend with your friends, the less you will think about your past. Go out shopping, watch the nastiest movie or just chill in each other’s company. Regular meetings with friends will keep you distracted and strengthen your relationship even more. 

2. Express yourself by talking about it

men talking about breakup

Communication is the key and expressing what you feel offers significant time relief. If you’re being dumped in a relationship, it doesn’t mean that you were not worthy or couldn’t fulfill the promises. So the first thing you need to do is to stop blaming yourself. Talk to your friends about it if you feel so; the more you will express, the more you will vent out, and it will ultimately make you feel better. 

3. Do something exhilarating

man on a boat

Is there any adventure in your mind or a long-awaiting activity you always wanted to do? If so, go for it! Adventure sports offer a whole new perspective to life; they make you understand life from another angle. Indulge in sports like diving, trekking, paragliding and so on to get the best experience of your life and understand there is lots that this world has to offer and you can always find a new way. 

4. Get rid of old memories

If you have still kept your ex’s photographs, greeting cards, and letters in your closet, go and burn them now! There is no point in getting stuck with things that do not bring you happiness and matter to you anymore. Old memories can be suffocating and prevent you from moving on. Therefore, it’s better to undo your life. Instead, spend some time making new memories by spending more time with your loved ones, who care about you and your presence.

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5. Delete their number

man deleting ex girfrend's phone number

Do you still have your ex’s number saved in your mobile, and does it bring a thought to call them up and talk about all that happened? If so, don’t even think about that! Your mind is more fragile or vulnerable after a breakup. Therefore, the desire to speak to your ex or sorting things out is normal.

But you have to improve yourself after a break and get out of the vicious cycle of being stuck in love. If you have their number saved, it might give you a chance to stock them, which will keep stopping you from moving ahead. So step forward, and erase all your ex’s memories from your life.

6. Indulge in a hobby

man mining crypto currency

Hobbies always work to get over a breakup. If you have something on your mind, then go for it. Opting for hobby classes or pursuing your passion is a great deal. It will not just keep you occupied and deviated from your past but also enhance your skills. So, let your creativity flow, and who may know what incredible piece of art you outshine with.

7. Regulate your sleep cycle and exercise

man sleeping after breakup

Your body is your temple, and it’s utmost to maintain it. What can be better than exercising and benefitting both your body and mind? So pick up your bike or adorn your jogging shoes to hit the track harder than you have ever thought of. Daily workout and maintaining your body will bring new goals to your life. It will make you understand the importance of your body and the life-long benefits you get from exercising. 

Another important thing is that you can not compromise your sleep. Breakups can be shattering and filled with pain, but you don’t have to disturb your peace of mind and sleep due to that. Instead of staying up all night and crying for something you cannot change, think about following a proper sleep and starting a new journey of life with a bang and broad smile.

8. Reach out

Tried everything but still find it challenging to get over your past relationship? Don’t worry; a tad bit of expert help can be life-changing. So go for it without stressing your mind or being embarrassed. You can reach out to a relationship consultant to help you deal better with your broken relationship.

Your life hasn’t ended; there is lots more to be explored in life. If you will close all the doors to new opportunities, how will you get a taste of the beauty of your life? So go carefree for expert advice and overcome all the worries of your past life. 


We have all seen breakups at some of the other points in life. But, they don’t mark the end to the journey of your life. Some may find it difficult to get over their past relationships, but nobody gets stuck with breakups for the rest of their lives. If you or someone you know has been dealing with a breakup or the pain of being dumped, the above-given ways can be of great help.


What should you not do after a breakup?

One should not try to get back to their ex-partners after a breakup. Any attempt made via social media, calls, and messages shouldn’t be made as the person who had dumped you once will not be able to respect you again even if you somehow manage to get back in their lives. 

How long does it take to be okay after a breakup?

It depends from person to person. Some people take it positively and get over the same within a span of weeks or a month. Whereas some can take two to three or more months.

How to avoid the stress of a breakup?

It’s essential to keep yourself involved in something after a breakup to stop thinking about your past. Therefore, you can take up some hobbies, go for a holiday, talk to your friend or go for expert advice for the same.

What to do immediately after a break-up?

Mourning at the loss of your relationship won’t fix anything. Therefore it is essential to keep yourself busy. Opt for some hobby or pick up your passion, plan a solo or all friends trip, etc., to get away from the loss of your past relationship.

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