Budget Friendly Best Tripods You Can Buy

No photographer’s kit is complete without a tripod. A good tripod is one that can be versatile enough to shoot at different angles, has a sturdy build, and can keep your device secure and steady no matter what terrain and environment you are shooting in. While there are many high-end options available in the market, the most-expensive tripod may not be the best option for everyone. Here is a list of the best tripods of 2021 if features and functionality are your focal points.

Best Tripods of 2021

1. DIGITEK DTR 550LW Tripod

The Digitek DTR 550LW provides stable camera support for all kinds of shoots like low-lighting, long exposures, panning shots, panorama, etc. It is compatible with most video cameras, digital, and still cameras, go-pro devices, smartphones, and even scopes.

The clip-lock enables you to set it up almost anywhere and there is a convenient accessory hook too. The tripod has three sections for height adjustment and the legs are adjustable, sturdy, and rubberised. The multi-purpose bubblehead has a 3-way adjustable head PAN and a quick-release mounting plate.

Material – Aluminium
Dimensions – 60 x 10 x 9 cm
Maximum Load-  5 kgs


  • 3 section height adjustment
  • Great load capacity
  • Heavy duty


  • Extending handle can be a little flimsy

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2. AmazonBasics Tripod

This AmazonBasics tripod is lightweight, weighing around 1.2 kgs. Not only is this tripod compatible with almost all devices but also comes with its own carrying case.

The two built-in bubble view levels help you position your camera perfectly and a 3-way bubblehead with a quick-release mounting plate ensures fast transitions in between shots. The legs are extendable from 20” to 48” up to a maximum height of 60” which makes it a competitive product in this list of the best tripods of 2021.

Material – Rubber
Dimensions – 61.49 x 11.18 x 10.41 cm
Maximum Load – 3 kgs


  • Two bubble view levels
  • Good height range
  • User-friendly features


  • May not be sturdy enough for outdoor use
  • Does not come with a phone holder
  • Load capacity could be better
AmazonBasics Tripod

3. Benro Digital T660EX Tripod

This aluminum alloy tripod by Benro is quite sturdy. Its 4 leg sections that extend up to a maximum height of 57” and help to keep your camera steady and reduce vibration on uneven terrains make this one of the best tripods to buy. It weighs a comfortable 1.25 kgs which is easy to carry around.

The 3-way pan head on this tripod allows multi-angle shots and the panhandle allows you to capture vertical and horizontal motions with ease. The leg locking system on the Benro Digital T660EX is built to allow quick height changes. This tripod is compatible with almost all cameras.

Material – Aluminium alloy
Dimensions – 58.3 x 11 x 10 cm
Maximum load – 3 kg

Pros :

  • Heavy duty
  • 4 section height adjustment

Cons :

  • Load capacity could be better
  • Head may not be suitable for precision work
Benro Digital T660EX Tripod

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4. Syvo WT 320 Tripod

This tripod is incredibly lightweight (856 g ) and can operate at a maximum height of 55”. The multi-level locking system provides for steady height adjustment. It is compatible with almost all cameras and smartphones. The multipurpose head comes with a quick-release plate that allows for fast transitions between shots. The built-in bubblehead has a 3-way adjustable pan for tilt and swivel motions.

What makes the Syvo WT 320 one of the best tripods in the market is a  multipurpose head for DV cameras and a convenient accessories hook to hold all your shoot belongings. The bottom of the legs is covered with an anti-skid mat that ensures extra stability for the tripod.

Material – Aluminum
Dimensions – 45 x 10.5 x 10.5 cm
Maximum load – 5 kgs


  • Lightweight
  • Good load capacity
  • Sturdy build
  • Pretty useful features for a budget tripod


  • Mobile holder not sturdy enough
 Syvo WT 320 Tripod

5. Photron PS450 Tripod

The legs of the Photron PS450 tripod are covered with non-slip foam to provide a firm grip. The quick flip lever locks ensure that the tripod stands firmly on the ground. The multipurpose head comes with an automatic mount plate and a  quick-release lever, which is easy to rotate and can be locked to ensure stability.

The 3-way pan head, self-adjusting camera platform rotatable up to 90 degrees and lightweight build make this tripod perfect for new-age cameras and on-the-go and adventure sport filmmakers.

Material – Aluminum
Dimensions – 52.5 x 11 x 11 cm
Maximum load – 2.75 kg


  • Budget tripod
  • A good option for beginners
  • Nonslip foam grip
  • Panhead rotatable up to 90-degrees


  • Material is not quite high quality
  • Height may not be adequate for everyone
  • Flip locks tend to be loose
  • Less load capacity
Photron PS450 Tripod

6. Eloies TL-61

The Eloies TL-61 has a built-to-last aluminum build. The mount holder comes with a protective rubber layer and the built-in bubble level ensures proper horizontal alignment. The 3-way pan head allows a 360° degree rotation and tilt & the vertical angle adjustment allows you to get a perfect shot and panorama each time. a. The tripod also comes with its own heavy-duty carry bag.

The anti-slip footpads and flip-lock system provide a firm grip and allow smooth height adjustment even on the worst of terrains. It has an impressive height range from 24” to 64.5” and also comes with an accessory hook. This tripod is widely compatible with cameras and phones. This feature-packed product is easily one of the best tripods you can consider buying.

Material – Aluminum
Dimensions – 62 x 12 x 12 cm
Maximum load – 3.5 kgs


  • Lightweight
  • Great height range
  • 360-degree rotation on pan head
  • Anti-slip foot pads


  • Load capacity could be better
  • The tilt handle tends to be loose
Eloies TL-61

7. Digitek DTR 500BH tripod

The DTR 500BH by Digitek is functional both as a tripod and a monopod and comes with its own zipper bag. The collapsible design makes this tripod very compact and portable. It is compatible with a wide range of digital, video, and still cameras. The ball head on this tripod ensures stability and faster rotation.

The bubblehead helps to keep the tripod leveled and the multipurpose quick-release mounting plate allows for swifter transitions between shots. This tripod extends up to 60” and has a 4 section height adjustment. Its sturdy rubberised legs with flip-locks make height change smooth and steady.

Material – Aluminum
Dimensions – 32 x 10 x 10 cm
Maximum load – 7 kgs


  • Duals as a monopod
  • Collapsible design; comes with zipper bag
  • Four section height adjustment
  • Great load capacity
  • Heavy duty


  • Can be a bit heavy
  • Extending handle is a little flimsy
best tripods of 2021


While choosing the best tripod for yourself it is imperative that you know what you want and what can work best with your device. Height range, functionality, a good load capacity, and a sturdy but portable build should of primary importance.

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