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5 Best Grooming Kits for Men in India

Are you among those men who take good care of their grooming needs? If yes, then this is the right stop for you. These 5 best grooming kits for men include all the necessary products that you may require for your everyday grooming sessions. 

Being conscious about your looks and taking care of your skin and hair in a hygienic way is always considered to be satisfying. To make your efforts count, you also need to use good and reliable products which do not cause any harm to your skin or hair. Even in today’s professional world, maintaining your personality and grooming your looks, adds bonus credit to your performance.

However, finding the right choice for your face, hair and body can be a daunting task. To relieve this pressure, we have prepared a list of 5 best grooming kits for men so that you can shop for the best products available online at your comfort. 

5 Best Grooming Kits for Men in India

1. The Man Company Caffeine Grooming Kit

Enriched with caffeine and green tea, The Man Company Caffeine Grooming Kit consists of 5 different face care products to give you a glowing and fresh look every time. These products are infused with premium essential oils and do not contain any harmful chemicals. They include:

Caffeine Face Wash– This face wash gets rid of all the deep impurities of your skin, leaving it fresh and energized. Along with being suitable for all skin types, it is sulfate free and paraben free as well. Being rich in coffee seed extract which has anti-ageing benefits and provides protection from harmful UV rays too, it also helps to improve your blood circulation and reduces fine lines from your skin. It hydrates and soothes your skin till it looks fresh and rejuvenated.

Caffeine Face Scrub- The face scrub of this grooming kit has coffee Arabica content which gently removes the dead skin from your face. Not only this, it also nourishes and hydrates your skin to give it a fresh look. You can use this face scrub to get rid of sun tan and skin damage that you may experience frequently.

Caffeine Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum- The coffee enriched face serum is a great solution for dehydrated and undernourished skin. You can use this face serum to fix uneven skin tone and remove blemishes from your skin. It deeply hydrates your skin, giving it a natural radiance.

Caffeine Face Pack- The kaolin clay and caffeine face pack makes your skin feel relaxed by unclogging the pores and letting it breathe. This face pack detoxifies your face and is suitable for all skin types. Made with nature based clay, it is sulfate free and paraben free as well.

The Man Company Caffeine Grooming Kit

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2. Park Avenue Luxury Grooming Collection

Next on the list of best grooming kits for men is the Park Avenue Luxury collection. Along with 5 major fragrance products, this kit also includes a Park Avenue Shaving Brush and Park Avenue Razor for a perfect shave. The products included in this grooming kit are-

Park Avenue Fragrance Body Spray- Measuring 150 ml, this body spray wakes up your skin and provides a dash of freshness to your body. It gives you a fragrance that is attractive as well as gives you a good personality.

Park Avenue Fragrance Deo Talc– The smart scent formula of this deo talc gives you a fragrant smell that makes you feel fresh throughout the day. This deo talc measures 100g and has a long lasting fragrance.

Park Avenue After Shave Lotion- Being among the original collection of the brand, this after shave lotion gives you an odor that you cannot resist. It measures 50 ml. The blend of ingredients in this after shave gives your skin a fresh look after every shave for a long time.

Park Avenue Lather Shaving Cream- To give you an easy and worry-free shaving experience, this shaving creams smoothens your hair and provides enough lather. It measures 84 g and provides moisture to your skin as well.

Park Avenue Fragrant Soap- Made with glycerine, coconut oil and shea butter, this soap provides ultimate moisture and nourishment to your skin. It contains antioxidants that fight the germs on your skin and leave you with a healthy and strong fragrance which is long lasting as well.

Park Avenue Luxury Grooming Collection

3. Qraa Men Look Good Kit

The QRAA Men Look Good Kit contains all the essential high-quality products that you may require to maintain your daily skincare routine. This is the best grooming kit for men who like to style their beard frequently. The products included are-

Qraa’s Mooch and Beard Oil-  Rich with a blend of essential oils, this beard oil hydrates and conditions your beard perfectly. It softens your beard so that you can style it however you want. This beard oil comes with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It also gives a long lasting shine to your beard and fights all the dandruff and itchiness.

Qraa Men Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Face Wash- Along with leaving your skin clean, this face wash also has other benefits. It is enriched with tea tree oil which removes impurities and dirt from the deep pores of your skin. The formula infused with bamboo charcoal from Himalayan foothills improves the complexion of your skin as well.

Qraa Men Hair Styling Gel– By providing a super strong hold, this styling hair gel allows you to carry different hairstyles and beard styles for hours at stretch. This hair gel also gives a long lasting shine to your hair. It delivers volume, leaving your hair flake free with a refreshing fragrance.

Qraa Activated Charcoal Scrub– The detoxifying scrub helps in unclogging the pores in your skin thereby providing a deep cleansing effect. It draws excess oil and dirt and removes dead skin as well. You can use this scrub to get an instant whitening look.

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4. Axe Men’S Grooming Kit

This grooming kit from Axe Men includes a wide variety of grooming products ranging from a deodorant to an aftershave lotion. This is the best grooming kit for men in India who are on the move as it is portable and comes with a travel pouch. It includes-

AXE Dark Temptation Deodorant– This deodorant gives you an attractive fragrance which makes you feel fresh throughout the day. It is enriched with a unique combination of seductive ingredients to give you a long lasting fragrance.

AXE Signature Mysterious Body Perfume- You can use this body perfume if you are always on the run. The formula of this perfume combines a hint of zesty citrus and a note of woody musk which gives you a strong fragrance that lasts an entire day.

AXE Denim After Shave Lotion- This after shave lotion gives you a smooth and silky finish after you shave. It leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and fresh. It has a rich masculine cologne scent which makes the freshness last very long. You can complete your shaving routine with the help of this after shave with ease.

AXE Denim Lather Shaving Cream- Rich in creamy leather, this shaving cream provides ample moisture to your bread thereby softening it. This makes it easy for you to shave your beard in your desired style. This shaving cream is enriched with citrusy swirls and leaves your skin soft and smooth. You can use this shaving cream anytime for a soft shave.

5. Charcoal Grooming Kit By The Man Company

Another amazing grooming kit from The Man Company is the Charcoal Grooming Kit. It contains 6 best-selling grooming products ranging from a shampoo to a body wash. All these products are charcoal infused which provide you with a number of benefits. The products are-

Charcoal Body Wash- Along with providing you a clean skin, this body wash also treats acne and other skin infections. It nourishes your skin and can be used for oily skin as well. This body wash removes all the dead skin from your body and improves your overall complexion.

Charcoal Shampoo- The shampoo eliminates dandruff and improves your hair texture. It is very helpful for treating frizzy and rough hair as it smoothes your hair. Not only does it promote hair growth, but it is also light on your head and provides relief from anxiety.

Charcoal Face Scrub- Enriched with lemongrass and eucalyptus, this face scrub contains essential oils to remove the dust and dirt from the deep pores of your skin. It also contains anti-fungal, antiseptic, antibacterial and antioxidant properties to give you a healthy skin.

Charcoal Face Wash- The face wash of this grooming kit for men contains a mixture of Ylang Ylang and Argan-Rosemary essential oils with a charcoal base to not only rejuvenate your skin, but also treat acne and prevent skin infection. It gives you an enhanced complexion and has anti-aging properties as well.

Charcoal Cleansing Gel- Containing antiseptic properties, this cleansing gel reduces acne and blackheads under your eyes perfectly. It treats oily skin and adds all the natural oils that your skin requires in order to have a fresh and healthy look. It is sulfate free and paraben free too.

Charcoal Soap Bar- You can use this soap bar to get glowing and fresh skin. It eliminates all the unwanted acne, bumps and blackheads, giving you a flawless skin. This charcoal soap can also be used for detoxifying your body perfectly.

Charcoal Grooming Kit By The Man Company


Whether you choose a grooming kit specifically for your beard, or specifically for your face or the one that gives you both benefits, it is crucial to look for the one that comes with a wide range of high quality products. You can find the most suitable option for yourself from the above list of 5 best grooming kits for men that you can start using at the earliest.

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