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7 Best Compression Socks for Men

You may think, why should you look for the best compression socks?

Also called “support stockings” or “flight socks”, their use is often misunderstood. It is thought that they are to be worn only if recommended by the doctor. But, do you know about the worthy benefits, which make them great support for your legs?

They help in aiding the blood flow to improve fatigue, aches, and swelling in the legs caused due to prolonged sittings, traveling, and workouts. These socks work by compressing or squeezing the leg tissues and veins to help blood flow against gravity.

So, if you want to try out some compression socks for swelling feet or any other reason, check out these options given!

1. Lumino Cielo Athletic Fit Graduated Compression Socks

These socks helps in relieving pains, splints, and varicose veins while improving stamina and muscle recovery. These compression socks for running offer calf and foot support by enhancing the blood flow and improving the balance to elevate your performance.

These multipurpose socks provide maximum compression at the arch, calves, and heels, making it an ideal choice for those who follow an active lifestyle or stand a lot during the day. Since these socks promote blood circulation, it reduces swelling and varicose veins to ensure comfort and relieve pain.

best socks for swelling

2. Helium Bamboo Run Socks

Helium’s Bamboo Compression Socks are quick recovery socks that relieve all sorts of pains such as cramping, swelling, muscle fatigue, etc., caused due to activities like running, hiking, HIIT, and other physical activities. These bamboo compression socks boost blood circulation in the legs to optimize the oxygen content via your heels, legs, calves, and feet.

It is made from skin-friendly, anti-odor bamboo that keeps the foul-smelling bacteria away while controlling temperature to keep feet warm in a cold climate and dry in wet or humid conditions by absorbing sweat and being durable. These ergonomically designed compression socks feature anatomically placed cushions to keep high-stress areas protected and prevent the risk of injuries and blisters

Helium Bamboo Compression Socks

3. Lumino Cielo All-Day Compression Socks

The Lumino Cielo All-Day Compression Socks provide the proper ankle support without hampering the motion. With the targeted compression of 15-25mmhg, these thick and soft socks feel comfortable and can be worn for an extended period of time.

It provides relief from aches and gives accurate support and comfort while performing due to its cross stitch design. The compression socks for running improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation in feet to fix plantar fascia tissue or ligament and relieve swelling and soreness.

The socks have an open-toe design, suitable for any footwear like floaters or sandals. Apart from this, these comfortable all-day-wear socks are durable, breathable, moisture-wicking, and weatherproof.

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Lumino Cielo All-Day Compression Socks

4. SKUDGEAR Athletic Compression Socks

These athletic compression socks from Skudgear are made from double stitch fabric of durable quality that lasts long and provides immediate comfort to your legs. Suitable for cycling, running, ski, HIIT, and all other types of workouts, these offer vascular toning benefits without losing compression even after multiple washes.

They promote blood flow to relieve swelling, varicose veins, blood clots, and other aches. It perfectly supports heel, foot, toe, and calves without squeezing, whereas its moisture-wicking quality keeps the material air dry for some hours.

These fashionable yet durable lycra-made compression socks are sweat absorbent and reduce fatigue. It uses 20 to 30 mmHg of compression in the ankle area and prevents the accumulation of lactic acid, which causes discomfort. 

SKUDGEAR Athletic Compression Socks

5. Sorgen Compression Socks

These socks help recover from pain and aches by combating fatigue, preventing cramps, and improving blood flow to let you perform better. These high-quality compression sleeves support ligaments and provide optimum comfort; its light compression aids speedy recovery by activating blood flow.

The compression remains more over the ankle bone and a little less towards the calf for accurate support and comfort. The socks have a seamless stitching design to keep the elastic properties maintained and offer more comfort for long wear.

Sorgen Calf Compression Sleeves for Shin Splints Footless Compression Socks

6. Lumino Cielo Low-Cut Compression Socks 

Lumino Cielo’s Low-Cut STRONG Compression Sports Socks improves blood circulation to reduce pain and swelling while enhancing stability and balance. These strong socks of 20-25 mmHg provide relief from spurs, swelling, and plantar fasciitis to elevate your performance by activating oxygen flow and preventing lactic acid accumulation for expediting muscle recovery.

Stamina boosting socks are well-suited for intensive activities and extreme sports; you can wear them while running, cross-fit, tennis, soccer, gym workout, and so on. The comfortable cuffs of the socks are slip-free, and the quick-drying material is moisture-wicking to prevent odor and sweating.

The seamless stitching of the socks prevents skin rubbing, while the soft padding keeps the hells protected to let you go the extra miles.

Lumino Cielo Low-Cut  Compression Socks

7. Just Care Run Socks 

These socks from Just Care fit comfortably with a firm grip to support and protect your leg from injuries and pains. These socks are made from hard-wearing fabric to prevent slipping and keep your shin pads at the exact place to prevent twisting.

It is made using skin-friendly and odor-free bamboo fabric that prevents smelling bacterial growth. The temperature regulating socks is breathable, absorbs sweat, and allows better evaporation with the upper mesh design.

Its ergonomic design gives cushioning support to protect high-stress parts and prevents chances of injuries, and aids pain relief in thighs, calves, Achilles areas, toes, and heels. Its Achilles elastic keeps the shins pads in place without slipping with superior fit.

Just Care Compression Socks


Compression socks offer optimum support to your leg and ease up pains and swellings by promoting blood flow. We have listed some of the best choices options above, which will help you buy the best sock for yourself!


1. Can you wear compression socks all day?

Yes, compression socks can be worn all day long.

2. Is it OK to sleep in compression socks?

Yes, it is safe to sleep in compression socks. 

3. Who should wear compression socks?

Compression socks are worn mainly by the doctor’s prescription. They can also be worn by those who frequently travel, perform heavy physical activities, or have to stand for prolonged periods.

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