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8 Ways to Stay Protected from Holi Colours

Holi is just around the corner and while it is such a fun time and something everyone looks forward to, playing with colours can take a toll on your skin and hair. The wet colours usually contain chemicals that can react harmfully towards your skin and also take a lot of time and effort to wash off.

Here are 8 ways you can stay protected this Holi and have a great time without worrying about anything.

8 Ways to Stay Protected from Holi Colours

1. Use oil or cream (coconut/mustard)

Oils and creams provide the best protection from Holi colours. Make sure to oil your body, hair, and face generously before going out because it becomes ten times easier to wash off the stubborn wet colours if your skin is greasy.

Oils and creams form a protective layer that keeps the colour only on the surface of your skin. The most suitable oils for this purpose would be coconut and mustard and here are two brands you should consider.

Maxcare Virgin Coconut Oil

The Maxcare virgin coconut oil is extracted from coconut milk. It is 100% natural, cold-pressed and unrefined, and hence is suitable for most skin types, and also children and babies. Since it does not have any chemicals it does not react with your skin and helps you to remove the Holi colours easily.

Maxcare Virgin Coconut Oil

True Oils Mustard Oil

The True oils mustard oil is also cold-pressed and full of monounsaturated fatty acids. If coconut oil is not suitable for your skin, you can use mustard oil. Mustard oil will not only provide protection from Holi colours but it is also really good for your skin and hair, and can also be used by people with sensitive skin.

8 ways to stay protected from Holi colors

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2. Use lip balms for ears and lips

Holi colours tend to seep deeper in areas that have dry skin, such as lips, nail beds, ears. You can use vaseline or lip balm, on these areas to keep them moisturised and prevent colour from settling deep.

The Man Company Nourishing Lip Balm

The Man company lip balm has vitamin e and almond oil and is specially made for dry lips. Using this will give you extra moisture on your lips, ears, and nail beds and help remove the Holi colours easily.

3. Stay away from chemical colours

Stay away from chemical colours

Try to use herbal colours, this will save you half the effort in removing the colours from your body and hair. Herbal colours are milder, so they do not cause any adverse effects on the skin and are so much easier to remove.

4. Sunscreen is a must!

Holi falls when the weather is transitioning from spring to summer, hence the sun’s rays are harsher on the skin. Wearing sunscreen will form a protective layer on the skin that will not only protect you from UV rays but will also protect you from the havoc that chemical colours and UV rays combined will wreck on your skin.

The Man Company Water-Resistant Sunscreen

This sunscreen is oil-free and non-greasy which is great cause you can top it over a layer of oil and not look too glossed. With 40+ SPF PA+++, this sunscreen is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes and is both sulphate and paraben-free, and that is exactly what you need on your skin to prevent it from damage this Holi season.

The Man Company Water-Resistant Sunscreen

Man Arden Sunblock

The Man Arden sunblock is a great option if you’re looking for a sunscreen with 50 SPF PA+++. This is both sweat and water-resistant and does not contain any harmful chemicals making it suitable for most skin types. It is lightweight and non-greasy.

Man Arden Sunblock

5. Drink lots of fluids and stay hydrated

Drink lots of fluids and stay hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated at all times. Drinking fluids will not only keep you energised but will also keep your skin hydrated which will aid in removing Holi colours easily. Dehydration leads to dry skin, which would then lead to colours settling in the skin and that can be a task to wash off.

6. Rub lemon wedges

Rub lemon wedges

If you have a sensitive scalp rubbing lemon, or applying a few drops of lemon juice to your scalp can protect your scalp from any kind of infections that chemical colours might cause. Lemon can also be used to remove the Holi colours because of its bleaching properties.

7. Use sunglasses to protect your eyes

Use sunglasses to protect your eyes

Eyes are sensitive and chemical colours and even powder colours can irritate your eyes, so make sure you wear a pair of sunglasses at all times.

8. Be gentle with your skin while removing colours

Be gentle with your skin while removing colours

Do not rub your skin vigorously to take off the colours. If you have used wet colours trying to wash them off while wet. First, wash with water, and then you can apply a concoction of gram flour, milk, and turmeric to take the rest off. Do not use scrubs or anything harsh on your skin. If the colour still hasn’t fully come off, it will in time till then keep your skin moisturised and hydrated.


These are few simple steps you can follow to stay protected from Holi colours. Herbal colours would be a better choice considering your skin and hair but if you prefer playing holi with wet colours and to be honest it is more fun that way, you know what to do to stay safe this holi.

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