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8 Made In India Brands All Men Should Know About

India is home to many brands which many might not be aware of. Supporting Indian clothing brands boosts our economy and also helps sustain lives of urban and rural artisans and craftsmen. Menswear has developed a lot over the years. These days, men are also very particular about what they wear and how they style themselves. Many Indian brands cater to their needs and offer a wide array of innovative collections while keeping up with Indian and global trends. Many of these brands are also giving stiff competition to foreign brands in India. Here are 8 made in India brands for men that you all should know about.

1. Bombay Shirt Company

Launched in 2012, this brand was conceptualized in Mumbai. They take pride in designing clothes specially made for you. You can customise your own shirt by selecting the fabric, design and styles. They offer a wide variety of colours, patterns and prints. These shirts are high in quality and tailored to perfection as they give you a desired fit. They also provide readymade options for those who find it a hassle to customise their shirts. They offer formal office shirts as well as casual wear options. You can visit their stores spread across India or purchase at their online store.

2. Fabindia

This Indian brand opened its first retail store in New Delhi in 1976. Their stores are spread across India and foreign countries. Over the years, this brand has earned many loyal customers due to their contribution in uplifting the villagers in rural areas. Their products are sourced from different villages in India and have a wide range of rural craftsmen working for them. This helps in sustaining rural employment. The garments are made from hand woven and hand printed fabrics. They offer a unique collection of shirts and kurtas in prints and solids. This brand is great for traditional wear which is a must during Indian festivals and functions. They also have an online portal.

3. Andamen

This brand inspired by the Andaman Island and was launched in 2016. They specialise in quirky prints and styles. They offer a wide range of options in formal as well as casual wear. They use traditional Indian weaves and finest quality of cotton to design their shirts. They emphasize on contemporary styling with reasonable rates without compromising on its quality. They focus on manufacturing superior quality garments by blending Indian and global trends. Their online store offers best prices at affordable rates.

4. Mufti

This brand was founded in Mumbai in 1998. They are one of the most leading brands in India for menswear. They are very popular amongst teenagers and college boys for their vibrant and cool designs. Their motive is to provide innovative casual wear to fashion lovers. They offer a wide range of jeans, casual shirts, tee shirts, jackets and other accessories. Mufti introduced stretch jeans for men which were very well received and gained immense popularity. They have also launched comfortable athleisure clothes for fitness lovers. They have many outlets and stores spread across India as well as an online store.

5. Bhaane

This India based brand is well known for their contemporary designs focussing on empowering individuals. It was launched in 2011 in Delhi. This premier clothing brand emphasizes on self-expression and individuality which is why their garments don’t carry any logos or their brand name. Their collection boasts of an impressive variety of street style and casual wear clothing for men. Their stores are in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. They also offer a huge collection of their garments on their online portal.

6. Doodlage

This zero waste fashion brand was founded in 2012 in New Delhi. This brand is unique since they manufacture clothes by using industrial waste. All their garments are eco-friendly by up-cycling and recycling raw materials. Their collection offers quirky, chic and stylish designs targeting all kinds of men. Their sleek designs for blazers and shirts are very popular. You can shop at their store in Delhi or from their online store.

7. Kaapus

This brand emphasizes on garments of high quality which are inch-tailored to perfection. They believe in making clothes that fit well and hence their garments come in four sizes – standard, custom, slim and extra slim. Kaapus was founded in 2014 as an online brand and then launched its first store in Bengaluru in 2017. Their collection offers a wide variety of shirts and trousers of different styles which are suitable for all body types.

8. Killer Jeans

This brand is the first global denim brand created in India. It was founded in 1989 in Mumbai and now has several stores spread all across India. This brand is not only popular in India but also worldwide. Their target audience is mainly for youth between the age group of 16 to 25 years. This brand is popular for ripped, bleached, torn and low rise jeans. Their USP is to provide a rebellious appeal to all their collections. They also have an online store showcasing an impressive collection of cool denim designs. This brand is one of the most successful denim brands all over India.

With the entire nation promoting “Go Local”, we can support the cause by purchasing brands made in India. This will encourage potential entrepreneurs to come up with innovative brands as per the customer’s needs. We don’t need to be dependent on international brands. Promoting home grown brands also helps Indian weavers, craftsmen, tailors and embroiderers to sustain their living.

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