Dressing hacks for skinny men
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8 Dressing Hacks for Skinny Men

 A buffed physique is undoubtedly looks very masculine and appealing. However, this doesn’t mean that a skinny guy can’t look strong and masculine. Men who are happy with their thin frame but want to look sculpted in general should focus on dressing appropriately.

By wearing the right clothes and in the right manner, it is possible to create an illusion of a masculine and muscular physique. There are a couple of tricks and tips that can be used to look better in different outfits.

So if you want to look great without changing your lean body and style matters to you, here are a few dressing hacks for skinny men you can follow to look stylish and attractive every day.

8 Dressing Hacks for Skinny Men

Wear slim-fit outfits and avoid oversized clothes

Hiding the skinny frame by wearing oversized clothes is a bad idea as it’ll make you look skeletal and too skinny. You don’t want the clothes to look like they are hanging on you, so it’s a good idea to avoid oversized or baggy clothes.

To pull away the focus from your skinny body, also stay away from tight-fitted clothes that draw attention to your lean frame. Clothes that are too close to the body not only look awful but also are very uncomfortable.

Choose the outfits that enhance your body frame and perfectly drape over on your body.  Make sure that the outfit you choose doesn’t stretch or billow from anywhere. Also, pay attention to the sleeves as you don’t want the sleeves to look too tight or baggy around your arms.

Also, roll up your sleeves whenever possible as rolled-up sleeves make the biceps look bigger.

Choose the bottoms wisely

Tapered pants and skinny jeans can make your legs look like long sticks, so avoid too tight and skinny bottoms. Instead, you can wear straight or slim fit pants that don’t stick to your legs and effortlessly drape over your legs for a better fit.

You can also wear basketball shorts under your jeans to add some bulk to your thigh muscles and prevent your legs from looking too skinny.

Also, avoid baggy jeans and opt for chinos or thick trousers. These bottoms are made using the right fabric that prevents chicken legs and offers a slim fit. You can also go for joggers if you want a more casual and street style look.

Try layering your outfits

There are plenty of benefits of layering your outfits. Wearing a blazer, a coat, or a sports jacket can give an instant boost to the chest and arms. Most of the jackets and blazers have padding on the shoulders that creates an edgy and sharp look.

The bulky jackets can make your shoulders look wider, and your arms buffed. However, while choosing a jacket or coat, make sure that the padding is not too large for your size. The coats and jackets make your shoulders look broad, and your waist look lean while creating the V-shape.

You can also layer your outfits with scarves, open shirts over tees, knit outfits over shirts, etc., and look fashionable.

Wear collared outfits

Turtle neck shirts, button-up shirt, crew neck sweaters, etc. draw the attention on the neck and makes your frame look buffed in general. You can also opt for stand-up collars, zip necks, funnel necks, and shawl collars to bulk up your neck and draw the attention away from your skinny waist.

Any outfit with a sturdy and large collar will add more dimension to your physique.

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Pay attention to the fabrics

Certain fabrics accentuate the skinny frame while some add bulk and enhance your frame. Especially, textured fabrics such as denim, glan check, flannel, tweed, corduroy, etc. are rough and create an illusion of a heavy body mass. If you like wearing sweaters, pick knitted shirts and sweaters for winter.

Thick-knit sweaters, jackets, and cardigans are textured and come in light colors that naturally enhance the body frame. Gingham, plaid outfits, single or double-breasted jackets, clean-lined jackets are also good options. Avoid unnecessary layering and pick thicker and textured fabrics to make your frame look bigger. 

Play with colors and patterns

Horizontal lines, chequered prints, light colors, and textured fabrics are way better than solid prints and dark colors. While the dark colors may make you look lean and slim, the light colors can add some mass and make you look buffed.

Colors like beige, white, pastel shades, cream, etc. show the muscle definition you have and enhance your natural bulges. Horizontal striped shirts make your chest and arms look wider and also draw attention to your V-shape. Similarly, checks, boxes, and large prints increase the visual heft and add bulk within minutes.

Wear minimal accessories

Big faced watches, layered bracelets, and big rings look too bulky on skinny hands and highlight the skinny frame. Thus, always avoid accessories like long necklaces or rings with big stones and gems that look too bulky or heavy and, instead, pick the accessories that suit your build.

Thin rings and small faced watches are perfect if you want to accessorize. Pick a wide monochrome belt with a rectangular buckle if you need a belt. When it comes to footwear, don’t wear large chunky shoes as it will draw attention towards skinny legs. Instead, pick ankle boots or loafers and the footwear that makes the legs look a little bulky.  

Wear outfits that enhance your upper body

The chest and waist are the focal points of your body. Wide shoulders and lean waist creates the illusion of a v-shaped body, pick the shirts that fit appropriately around the chest and shoulder area. Make sure that the shirt is not too baggy or too tight around the upper body.

The seam of the shoulder should sit around the shoulder’s edge. This will naturally widen your shoulders and make you look buffed. If you don’t have chest muscles, avoid v-neck shirts that may make you look skinnier.

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