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8 Best Perfumes For Men That’ll Make You A Hit Among The Ladies

It was the Ancient Egyptians around 3000 BC, who was responsible for the invention of men’s fragrances. Since then, every successive decade has passed, and each decade has seen new trends emerge in reaction to the earlier. But, the basics remain the same, i.e., a good-quality scent is essential to put you in a good mood and make others aware of your presence. However, finding the ideal perfume that suits your personality can be quite tricky, so we’re here to help you list the eight best perfumes for men. So, without further ado, let’s get on with that list.

8 Best Perfumes For Men

1. Calvin Klein Eternity

It’s impossible to mention some of the best perfumes for men without mentioning the ever-popular name of CK or Calvin Klein. The scent combines the unique elements of nature, thereby offering you a fresh & citrus-like smell. Moreover, it has a mild yet long-lasting fragrance. Some top notes include lavender & orange; middle notes include sage & basil, and base notes include Musk & Amber. Besides, the perfume provides both a classic & contemporary masculine sensibility.

MRP: Rs. 2941

Calvin Klein Eternity Bottle

2. United Colors of Benetton Dreams Aim High

In case you’re looking for one of the best perfumes for men, then this product from UCB should be perfect for your needs. Firstly, the top notes include citrus, lemon, bigarade, and grapefruit, while the middle notes include mint, nutmeg, geranium, and sage. Lastly, the base notes include amber, moss, and wood. It should be known that the perfume exudes a masculine and sensual fragrance due to the blend of sage & nutmeg along with petitgrain & grapefruit. Moreover, the addition of amber & exotic woods improves the overall character as well as enhances the duration of the perfume on the human skin.

MRP: Rs. 1418

United Colors of Benetton Dreams Aim High Bottle

3. Guess for Men

Guess has been a premium brand – in terms of apparel and accessories – and the same can be said about this EDT spray as well. The product comes in a beautiful looking package and is mainly recommended for those who want a perfume for casual wear. It has a mild yet long-lasting fragrance, thereby making it one of the best perfumes for men as of now. Moreover, the scent seems extra fresh, and the aroma is too good for the price that is being charged. One of the most affordable premium perfumes in the e-commerce market currently.

MRP: Rs. 3999

Guess for Men Bottle

4. Versace Eau Fraiche

While the original Versace Men had a Latino vibe due to the presence of Tobacco note, the Eau Fraiche has a Mediterranean vibe for its woody notes. The perfume comes with a blend of amber and Sycamore Wood, which is complemented with sparkling musk – providing you with a skin-deep & sensuous sensation. The top notes include rosewood & lemon, while the heart notes contain cedar, sage & pepper. Moreover, the base notes include saffron, musk & amber. Besides, this fragrance is ideal for hot, sunny days, as it sits perfectly on your skin.

MRP: Rs. 5700

Versace Eau Fraiche Bottle

5. Hugo Boss Red

Hugo Boss has been a forerunner in the lifestyle market for decades now, and it comes as no surprise to see their inception in the world of fragrance as well. Rated as one of the best perfumes for men by user feedback, the Hugo Boss Red has a savory and spicy aroma that will always leave a lasting impression on both the user and the seeker. The top notes include pink pepper, grapefruit, and galbanum, while the middle notes involve cedar, rhubarb, and pineapple. Moreover, the base notes are amber and deep tonka bean.

MRP: Rs. 5995

Hugo Boss Red Bottle

6. Jaguar Classic Black

Perfect to be utilized for daily use; the Jaguar Classic Black is ideal for all skin types. Being one of the best perfumes for men, the fragrance notes come with a mixture of mandarin, apple, ginger, orange, sandalwood, and White Musk. Moreover, you can expect to enjoy the fresh experience of the added base tones such as moss, cedar, vetiver, and tonka beans. Apart from that, black tea, cardamom, and germanium form the heart tones. Lastly, the perfume comes in a black colored bottle with chrome edges & a cap.

MRP: Rs. 2200

Jaguar Classic Black Bottle

7. Burberry Mr. Burberry

Combining the classic aroma of Burberry fragrances with a contemporary approach, this is undoubtedly one of the best perfumes for men in the current day & age. Mr. Burberry was officially launched in the year 2014 but was remodeled and remastered again to be relaunched in the year 2016. The British perfumery tradition profoundly inspires most of its ingredients, and the fragrance is mainly described as herbal & woody. Some of the top-notes include grapefruit and tarragon, while the middle notes include cedar & nutmeg oil. The base notes have guaiac wood and sandalwood.

MRP: Rs. 4299

Burberry Mr. Burberry Bottle

8. Hugo Boss Iced

In case you’re tired using regular perfumes and want something extraordinary, then this perfume from the house of Hugo Boss will be ideal. The fragrance is designed to deliver you a blast of ice-cold freshness along with a strong aroma that can fit the personality of any man out there. Apart from that, the perfume comes in an innovative, strap-on, sleek chrome bottle. You’d be happy to know that the top notes of the perfume include mint leaves & wild tea, while the Indian Vetiver aromatic root forms the base note. No wonder the resultant fragrance exudes masculinity and self-confidence.

MRP: Rs. 3975

Hugo Boss Iced Bottle

Before you plan on buying a perfume, it’s essential to know that every sent has three notes, namely the top notes, the heart or middle notes, and finally the base notes. The top notes form the fragrance that you immediately smell when you apply a perfume – ultimately giving away to the middle & base notes successively.  The base notes last the longest out of the three. Therefore, when you read about a perfume’s concentration, it’s essential to check whether the different notes suit your tastes, especially the base notes. Moreover, select the fragrance type that excites and stirs you. Always try to trust your instinct & feelings, and you’ll be good to go.

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