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8 Best DSLR Cameras In India

Even after introducing mirrorless cameras, traditional DSLR are still rocking the consumer and professional camera industries. This shows that there are still plenty of choices to choose from when it comes to DSLR cameras for beginners and veterans. However, picking the correct one can be problematic when considering the numerous options you have at your disposal. With that in mind, we are sharing our top picks designed and best DSLR cameras to ensure your money’s worth.

8 Best DSLR Cameras In India

1. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

In case you’re looking for a full-frame DSLR along with a CMOS sensor, this product will be able to provide you with the required features. It comes with a 30.4 MP (megapixel) sensor combined with an ISO sensitivity between 100 & 32000 to take low-light photos with ease. It uses the DIGIC 6+ image processor from Canon that provides 61 autofocus points. Plus, it can record videos at 4K and supports connectivity options like NFC, WIFI & Bluetooth.


  • Full-frame DSLR.
  • Can record video at 4K.
  • Has up to 32000 ISO support.


  • Comes with a non-tiltable viewfinder.

2. Nikon D810

If you want one of the best DSLR cameras for shooting brilliant photos, this device will meet your needs. It’s a reflex camera with a single-lens that uses the Nikon F mount. The type of sensor that has been used is CMOS and has an MP rating of 36.3. Moreover, it comes with a dust reduction system that cleans the image sensor periodically for clicking better photos. Besides, it offers a 24-120 MM VR lens, ISO range up to 12800, and has an EXPEED 4 image processor.


  • Has a 36.3 MP rated sensor.
  • Comes with a 51-point autofocusing system.
  • Shoots 1080P video at 60 FPS.


  • The white balance is poor.

3. Nikon D500

This is a feature-rich mid-range DSLR with a stylish & slim design. The device is straightforward to use and has an ISO range between 100 to 51200. Apart from that, it comes with a 20.9 MP APC-S sensor and a 3.2-inch LCD to be used as a viewfinder. It supports standard SD cards for storage, and connectivity options include Bluetooth & WIFI.


  • Supports WIFI and Bluetooth.
  • ISO sensitivity up to 51200 is commendable.
  • Has a stylish & user-friendly design.


  • Comes with an APC-S sensor instead of a CMOS one.

4. Nikon D5600

Regarded as one of the most popular mid-range DSLR cameras from Nikon, the device comes with a 24.2 MP CMOS sensor. The image processor that has been used is EXPEED 4 and has an ISO sensitivity of up to 25600. Apart from that, the connectivity options include WIFI, Bluetooth, and NFC. Besides, you also get access to a 39-point autofocusing system.


  • Supports WIFI, Bluetooth, and NFC.
  • Comes with an EXPEED 4 image processor.
  • Has a CMOS 24.2 MP sensor.


  • No support for 4K video recording.

5. Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y

An upgrade from the previous A6000, the A6000Y comes with the 24.3 EXMOR CMOS sensor from Sony. The camera uses the in-built BIONZ-X image processor and supports up to 170 autofocus points. Furthermore, you also get access to an OLED display that acts as a viewfinder and is tiltable. Besides, connectivity options include NFC and WIFI.


  • ISO sensitivity is up to 25600.
  • Has an OLED display acting as the viewfinder.
  • Comes with a 24.3 CMOS sensor.


  • No support for Bluetooth.

6. Nikon D7200

If you want a professional DSLR but don’t want to spend too much money, this 24.2 MP rated device will be ideal. It comes with a CMOS sensor and uses Nikon’s own EXPEED 4 image processor. Moreover, you get support for a 51-point autofocusing system along with an ISO sensitivity up to 25600. With the package, you get an 18-200 mm VR2 lens & a 16GB SD card.


  • Comes with a 24.2 MP CMOS sensor.
  • Offers an 18-200 mm VR2 lens.
  • ISO sensitivity is up to 25600.


  • The device is quite bulky for regular usage.

7. Canon EOS 750D

In case you want the most cost-effective best DSLR camera for yourself, then the EOS 750D with its 24.2 MP CMOS sensor will be able to satisfy you. The device uses a DIGIC 6 image processor and comes with a TFT display to be used as a viewfinder. You’ll get access to seven levels of brightness adjustment, and ISO sensitivity is up to 6400. Moreover, it has a 19-point cross-type autofocusing system.


  • It can quickly shoot 1080P videos.
  • Has a 24.2 MP CMOS sensor.
  • Comes with a DIGIC 6 image processor.


  • ISO sensitivity is low.

8. Sony A7 III

Being one of the top-end full-frame DSLRs released by Sony, this device comes with a 24.2 MP full-frame BSI sensor. You get access to up to 204,800 ISO sensitivity and shoot photos at 14-bit uncompressed RAW file extensions. Moreover, the device can offer up to 425 autofocusing points and can quickly shoot at videos at 4K resolution. It comes with the BIONZ-X image processor, and connectivity options include Bluetooth, WIFI, and NFC.


  • Has an ISO sensitivity up to 204,800.
  • Can shoot videos at 4K.
  • Offers 425 autofocus points.


  • Low battery life.

From the above read we know all the details of some of the best DSLR cameras. Now it’s time to guide you about things to consider while buying cameras.

Things To Consider While Buying Cameras

  • Ergonomics – The DSLR you’re buying should be easy to hold and intuitive to use. This includes the in-built software along with the navigation and buttons. Moreover, it should be durable.
  • Sensor – The image sensor is responsible for capturing the object’s light that you’re shooting. Currently, there are two main types of sensors, namely the APS-C and Full Frame. Full Frame sensors are more powerful but costly. APS-C sensors are the perfect balance between picture quality and the cost involved. 

  • Lens Options – A good DSLR is known by the lens’ options it has. Ensure that the DSLR you’re buying has excellent support for aftermarket lenses. This is because you can substantially change your DSLRs picture/video quality by swapping for a higher-quality, premium lens. 

  • Video Capabilities – A modern-day DSLR should be able to shoot at least 1080P 60 FPS videos. The addition of shooting at 4K resolution or higher would be a bonus.  

  • Megapixel – Megapixels are the measurement of a camera’s maximum resolution capability. Higher the MP rating, sharper will be the image. However, megapixels are only one side of the story, and higher MP counts in a DSLR doesn’t resort to better pictures. Therefore, any MP count within 20 to 40 would be good enough for a modern DSLR. 

  • Wireless Connectivity – A modern-day best DSLR camera should come with at least WIFI and/or Bluetooth capabilities. The addition of NFC would be a bonus. 


Your DSLR is only a gateway tool to click better photos or shoot terrific videos. Having the proper equipment is only a part of being a good photographer, as your passion must fulfill the rest half. We hope our selections of best DSLR cameras have been helpful, and we wish you a great photographic career ahead.

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