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Adventure At Its Best: 8 Best Camping Tents


It doesn’t matter whether you’re heading for the mountains or the woods – keeping yourself handy with one of the best camping tents you could buy is an age-old practice. A tent is one of the most significant pieces of camping gear that you need to own. The usability of tents in a camping environment can be compared to toilet papers or socks – because they’re highly essential. They offer you a place to store your belongings, give you a place to stay and protect you from external weather elements. And with so many great options in the market, we’re listing out some of the best camping tents you can buy right now.

8 Best Camping Tents

1. Coleman Polyester Darwin 2 Camping Tent

The primary reason why it has been regarded as one of the best camping tents is that it has been manufactured by polyester material – making it highly water-resistant & sturdy. The tent has an overall capacity to accommodate two people at a time and thereby comes with a PU coating that is resistant towards the sun’s UV rays while also being flame retardant. Moreover, it comes with a PE groundsheet with a pin & ring system for setting up. The polyester is highly breathable and opaque. 


  • Great tent for two persons.
  • It is made out of high-quality polyester material.
  • UV and flame resistant.


  • Availability of other colours could have been better.

2. Coleman Sundome Camping Green Tents

Built out of a combination of two different types of polyester materials – one being the polyester 68D for the inner tent as well as the mesh while the other being polyethylene 1000D for the floor – making the entire tent highly sturdy and robust. The tent space inside would be enough to accommodate two people at once, and it comes with a single door for entry as well as exit. Apart from that, the flysheet of the tent has been manufactured out of polyester taffeta 68D material. 


  • Comes with rain shade as well as rain protection.
  • Use of polyester and polyethylene materials.
  • Highly spacious and perfect for two.


  • It is not recommended to be used in cold or windy areas.

3. Voroly Outdoor 100% Waterproof Portable Picnic Camping Tent

One of the significant features of this tent is that it comes in a dome shape and can withstand winds blowing at more than 35 MPH speeds. Therefore, you can easily use the tent in highly windy areas, and the overall set up takes only 10 minutes to be completed. The tent comes with a WeatherTec system that has inverted seams and patented welded floors to help you keep yourself dry all the time. Moreover, the tent has large windows for increased ventilation.


  • Extremely ventilated tent.
  • Can survive in places where heavy winds are blowing.
  • Only takes 10 minutes to set up.


  • Cannot be used in highly wet areas.

4. Coleman Blackout 3 Dome Tent

In case you’re looking for the best camping tents that can accommodate more than just two people, then this product might suit you as it can accommodate three people. The poles are made from fibreglass, and it’s highly UV protected with SPF 50 protection. Therefore, you don’t have to worry much about the sun’s rays and them affecting your experience. The outer fabric has been made from polyester, which is extremely fire retardant. The inner material has been built out of breathable polyester, and it comes PU coated. 


  • Great for a three people team.
  • Has SPF 50 UV protection.
  • It is made from polyester with PU coating.


  • Carrying weight of the tent is on the heavier side.

5. Coleman Sundome 6 Tent

There’s no such shortage of dome-shaped tents on the e-commerce platform, which is why this product also follows the same design language with an overall footprint of 10 FT x 10 FT. The height at the centre is about 6 FT. It comes with just a single door and can comfortably accommodate six people inside it. Moreover, the material that has been built out of polyester taffeta 68D fabric for increased longevity, sturdiness and water-resistance.


  • It is made from polyester 68D fabric.
  • Can fit almost six people inside it.
  • Extremely spacious on the inside.


  • Would have been great if there was SPF UV protection.

6. QLine Polyester CMP-06 Five People Waterproof Camping Tent

In case you’re on the lookout for a lightweight yet very spacious tent, then this product might be able to make you happy. The material that has been used here is made from 180T polyester along with PU coating that is 800mm in overall thickness. There is enough space and ventilation inside so that you’ll not feel uncanny or out of fresh air. The poles are made from fibreglass, and the whole tent is water-resistant.


  • Can accommodate up to five people.
  • The material is highly water-resistant.
  • Lightweight & comfortable.


  • Use of a better grade polyester material would have been appreciative.

7. Coleman Sundome 3 Person Dome Tent

Not many camping tents come with a WeatherTec system, which is why this tent is one of the best camping tents out there currently. Having a WeatherTec system will keep any amount of water out of the tent’s premises. Furthermore, the poles come with insta-clip attachments, thereby making the tent withstand any high-velocity winds. The tent is ideal to be used by three people and is highly portable.


  • Polyester 68D is used for its manufacturing.
  • Comes with WeatherTec technology.
  • Has proper ventilation and can accommodate up to three people.


  • The fibre sticks could have been made more reliable.

8. Wildcraft Polyester Tent

Wildcraft is a known brand when it comes to making travel bags and luggage, and their foray into making tents has been a successful venture. The tent has been made waterproof and with its multi-point tensioning system makes the whole tent increasingly sturdy. The material that has been used here is polyester and the tent is highly resistant towards winds as well.


  • Sturdy and good looks.
  • Can deflect high-velocity winds.
  • Waterproof and extremely spacious on the inside.


  • Quality of zippers could have been better.


And with that wraps up our list of the best camping tents available on the e-commerce platforms of today. Before you choose a specific model, it’s imperative to know the amount of sleeping capacity you’d be needing along with added features such as wind-resistance, water-resistance and also the ability to block UV rays from the sun. Moreover, pay attention to the ventilation of the tent, and you’ll be more than happy when using the product. 

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