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7 Ways To Make Your Haircut Last Longer

Based on the hair growth and style, a man typically has to visit his barber once every two to six weeks, so that his haircut stays intact & sharp. Even though visiting a barbershop can prove to be a relaxing experience, our busy lives can make it an inconvenience and an expensive affair.

Hence, you’d naturally want to know the ideal ways how to make a haircut last longer, so that you can extend the time between your barber appointments. Thus, we have rounded up some easy tricks for you to follow, so that you can make your haircut last longer.

Simple Tricks To Make Your Haircut Last Longer

1. Obtain a sharper haircut

If you want your at-home hair maintenance to be effective, always opt for a quality haircut from an experienced professional. Hair that’s been cut by a professional barber will always grow out properly and can easily return to form, compared to poorly cut hair that will grow out awkwardly and will be difficult to tighten up later on.

2. Gather the required tools

To start your at-home maintenance, you need to gather the following set of DIY tools:

1. A pair of hair scissors (can be small ones)

2. A hand mirror (so that you can see the back of your neck)

3. A multi-purpose electric trimmer

4. A Comb

3. Trim the sideburns

Proceed to trim the bottom edge of your sideburn using a trimmer, so that it stays straight and the length extends up to the middle of your ear. Once done, comb the hair of your sideburn towards your face and cut the overgrown hair using scissors. Do the same by combing the sideburn hair towards your ear as well.

4. Trim the neckline

Stand in front of a fixed mirror, holding your hand mirror in one hand and the trimmer in the other. Ensure that you can see the back of your neckline in the mirror that you’re facing. Then proceed to run your trimmer in upward strokes, till it meets the hairline.

5. Avoid over washing your hair

In case you’re wondering about the ideal method as to how to make haircut last longer, then proceed to not over wash your hair, so that you can maintain the fresh-cut longer. Over washing can lead to damage to your hair strands, which will drive you back to your barber prematurely. Hence, based on your hair texture, opt to wash your hair every other day.

6. Take some time off from blow-dryer sessions

If you use a blow-dryer regularly on your hair, then it makes sense to take some time off. This is because constant use of a blow-dryer on your hair stresses the hair ends, which are already the weaker parts of the hair strands. As a result, over time usage of a blow-dryer leads to hair damage.

7. More conditioning

Try to limit your shampoo sessions because they can make your hair look dry & frizzy. Instead, invest in conditioners. Conditioners can make your hair stronger, healthier and less prone to breakage, while also retaining the shape & straightness of your hair strands.

Since you can’t slow down your hair growth, the above-mentioned solutions can prove to be a life-saver for lessening your barbershop visits, without making your hair look out-of-hand or untidy. Moreover, you’ll also be saving your precious time, which you can instead spend on something more

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