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7 Best Table Tennis Rackets to Buy in India

If you are enthusiastic about table tennis, the importance of a good table tennis racket cannot be undermined. The racket you use can make or break your game irrespective of how skilled you are. The best table tennis rackets differ based on several factors such as grip size, shock absorption, and performance ratings.

Some rackets are built purely for recreational use and others are designed for beginner, improving, or professional players. Therefore it is important to give proper consideration to which racket will suit your requirements and playing style. Here are the 7 best table tennis rackets you can consider, with their features, performance ratings, and suitability outlined clearly.

7 Best Table Tennis Rackets (2021)

1. GKI Kung Fu DX

The GKI Kung Fu rackets are among the best table tennis rackets and are well known for their quality and affordability. These rackets are specially designed for professionals in the game and are made in accordance with ITTF approved standards for a powerful attacking play. Being made of wood, these rackets can generate more spins but weight wise they are comparatively heavier. The blade is oval and the handle is made to provide a comfortable grip for controlled and effective shots.


  • Speed – 91
  • Control – 97
  • Spin – 91
  • Weight – 195g
7 Best Table Tennis Rackets (2021)  | Atozmen

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2. Stiga Pure Color Advance 

This Stiga table tennis racket is made with Stiga’s 3-star rubber and features the ACS technology that ensures high speed, elasticity, and control. The sponge on the paddle is 1.5 millimeters thick which is comparatively softer but works great for defensive players. The handle is concave and flared which makes the grip firm and comfortable. The 5 ply blade has been hardened using crystal technology which not only feels lightweight and balanced on the hand but also provides increased speed. This table tennis racket is most suitable for beginners and recreational play.


  • Speed – 75
  • Control – 65
  • Spin – 65
  • Weight – 159g
Stiga Pure Color Advance

3. GKI Euro V

The GKI Euro V is suitable for beginner to intermediate players. It features an ITTF approved lightweight rubber sponge with micropores that enhance elasticity, control, and power. This racket is comparatively heavier and great for attacking play. It sits comfortably on the hand and can produce a decent amount of spin.


  • Speed – 94
  • Control – 95
  • Spin – 93
  • Weight – 195g
GKI Euro V

4. Butterfly Timo Boll 3000 

This ITTF approved table tennis racket from Butterfly is specially designed for beginners and recreational players. The Pan Asian rubber provides a good balance of speed and spin. The 5 ply blade ensures consistent power and accurate shots during gameplay making this racket great for power attacks. The 1mm sponge layer is also made more responsive for additional power. This racket has a sleek design that is comfortable on the hand and the tacky surface helps to make more significant spins. 


  • Speed – 85
  • Control – 75
  • Spin – 75
  • Weight – 358g
Butterfly Timo Boll 3000

5. Palio Expert 2.0

The Palio Expert 2.0 is more suitable for beginner to intermediate players. It is especially recommended for those who have mastered basic strokes and are now looking to learn more advanced techniques and also test their skills in competitions. This racket features a wooden blade and Palio CJ8000 rubbers that are ITTF approved and known to produce spins while maintaining proper control. The flared handle is comfortable on the hand and great for performing forehand shots. All in all this racket strikes a good balance between control and power. 


  • Speed – 80
  • Control – 80
  • Spin – 90
  • Weight – 130g
Palio Expert 2.0

6. DONIC Waldner 1000

The Waldner series is specially designed for attacking players. The handles are made ergonomically to fit the hand perfectly. The rounded shape of the handle helps avoid pressure on the hand for perfect forehand and backhand shots. This racket also features an adjustable balance point on the handle that provides for two-way weight distribution – towards the head of the racket for more power and towards the handle for more accurate shots and control. The 5 ply blade is glued using innovative technology for a balanced table tennis racket and fast and aggressive shots. The 2.1mm thick layer of superfine Liga rubber used on the surface provides for optimum speed and spin. 


  • Speed – 90
  • Control – 60
  • Spin – 100
  • Weight – 200g
DONIC Waldner 1000

7. Stag 4 Star

The Stag 4 Star is among the best table tennis rackets for beginners and recreational players as it comes as a set of two rackets along with 3 table tennis balls and is quite affordable. It is ITTF approved and features a flared concave handle for a firm and comfortable grip. This racket is suitable for controlled shots and produces a decent amount of spin and speed. Both offensive and defensive players can work with this Stag racket.


  • Speed – 70
  • Control – 95
  • Spin – 70
  • Weight – 190g
Stag 4 Star

The best table tennis racket for you is one that suits your requirements and playing style. Here are a few things you should consider when making your pick:

Blade Thickness

The thickness of the blade affects the speed and playing style. A thicker blade is more rigid and suitable for drives and blocking while a thinner blade gives you more flex and is suitable for looping.

Nature of Wood

A total wood racket is great for generating spins while a composite wood racket gives you more consistency and spins. 

Type of Handle

A  flared handle is great for performing forehand shots. If you are someone who switches between the sides of the racket while playing, a round or straight handle will work for you. An anatomic handle is similar to a flared handle but with a bump in the center that helps to fit your hand perfectly.

Rubber Thickness:

This part of the racket plays a crucial role in deciding the ball’s speed and spin. A thin rubber layer will give you more control but not so much speed and spin but a thick rubber layer will give you more speed and spin but will compromise on the control. 

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