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7 Best sleeping bags: Camping and Backpacking


Either you love spending your summer nights in the woods or love going camping during vacations, sleeping bags are the important travel gear you’ll need. These insulated and snugly bags are lightweight and offer plenty of space so you can rest comfortably while on your adventure trip. There are different types of sleeping bags available in various sizes, shapes and made using different materials to suit the weather. So if you are a frequent traveller and are looking for a functional sleeping bag for enhancing your travel experiences, here are the 7 best sleeping bags to consider.

7 Best sleeping bags for Camping and Backpacking

1. Kefi outdoors Water Resistant Warm Mummy Sleeping Bag

This mummy sleeping bag offers plenty of space so you can sleep comfortably throughout the night. Made using nylon and fibre, this sleeping bag also features snag-free double-sided zippers so you can close the bag while sleeping inside. Plus, you can use it up to -5 degree Celsius while it’s freezing outside.  The fabric inside the bag is soft and feels comfortable.


  • It comes with a big and a compression bag
  • It can fit a person of 6”3
  • The fabric of the bag is of premium-quality and provides a tough shield from cold
  • Spacious and lightweight bag for easy carriage


  • The inner fabric has a foul smell

2. Kefi Outdoors Bikerz 0 Degree Celcius Sleeping Bag

One of the crucial reasons you need to get a sleeping bag is to deal with the temperature. This sleeping bag comes with an extended temperature range and will keep you snuggled up even when its -10 degree Celsius outside.  This bag is a lightweight variant and can easily fill up a person to 6ft and 4 inches.


  • The bag has a fleece lining for added comfort
  • Comes with dual-sided zippers
  • Made using water-resistant nylon fabric
  • Features a draft tube around the zipper to prevent heat loss
  • Comes with an adjustable hood to eliminate cold spots and keep you warm


  • The fabric of the outer-back can be improved

3. KLAIR Nylon Cloth Inner Warmed Sleeping Bag 

KLAIR has been launching some of the best sleeping bags, and this sleeping bag is made using high-quality nylon that will keep you warm and cosy inside the bag. This warm and cosy sleeping bag is ideal for extra-large people and can accommodate a person of up to 6 feet 5 inches. This camping gear is perfect to use for temperature 0 degrees to -5 degrees Celsius.


  • 220×80 sized bag comfortable for adults
  • Comes with a fabric handle stitched in the bottom area of the bag
  • Breathable and lightweight bag
  • The inner fabric is soft and skin-friendly


  • Does not feature a snaggy zipper

4. Coleman Pathfinder Mummy Sleeping Bag

It can be challenging to fall asleep on a camping or hiking tour if you don’t have a relaxing sleeping bag with you. Pick this sleeping bag as your night time companion while travelling, and it will make sure that you get a sound sleep. This 1.7 kg super lightweight mummy sleeping bag offers warmth, insulation and reduces heat loss through zippers.


  • Ideal for temperature -18 degree to +3 degree Celsius
  • Brushed polyester lining and Coler herm insulation for cosiness
  • Built for 3 season temperatures
  • Weatherproof dry sleeping bag


  • The fabric is of low quality and prone to tear

5. Mountcraft Nylon with Polyester lining Uniex Mummy Sleeping Bag

When you are sleeping outside, you may have an encounter with bugs and creepy crawlies, and this sleeping bag will ensure that you remain safe from these creatures while on your trip. Made using high quality nylon and synthetic fibres, this sleeping bag features a high-end double collar hood for maximum comfort during adverse climatic conditions.


  • Comes with a fleece lining inside
  • Constructed with 4 layers of hollow fibre
  • Roomy and spacious mummy-shaped bag
  • Offers comfort when its 10 degrees Celsius


  • Feels heavier to carry

Wildcraft 8903338082293 Blend Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag with proper cushioning is required when you are about to sleep on uneven and harsh surfaces. This sleeping bag comes with an extra soft cushioned layer that will help you fall asleep quickly. This ultra-light camping gear is one of the best sleeping bags for camping and hiking as it features extra cushioning in the hood for more comfort and is made using brushed poly for a sound sleep.


  • The bag features an ergonomic design for people of different height and sizes
  • Prevents heat loss and offers more cosiness
  • Comes with compression straps for portability
  • Comes with a cushioned head for a pillow-like feel
  • Lightweight and compact bag that is easy to lift


  • Not for high altitudes

7. MOUNTCRAFT Night-TEC 1000 Sleeping Bag

To feel relaxed and cosy in a sleeping bag when it’s cold outside, you will need a super soft sleeping bag with body-hugging design. This mummy-style sleeping bag works even during -15 degrees Celsius and features the filling of the 6-denier micro hollow fibre. These are super compact bags and are easy to carry in a backpack.


  • Filled with micro hollow fibre
  • Comes with a high tech storage pocket
  • Collar wraparound hood and padded zipper for maximum comfort
  • Self-adjusting zip opening and double-sided slider
  • 4-way compression straps


  • The outer cover is not entirely water-proof


If you are spending your vacations hiking and camping at remote locations, it is essential to carry a sleeping bag. The sleeping bags not only provide a good night’s slept but also offers extra comfort on the harsh and rocky surfaces. So if you are willing to invest in a sleeping bag, the above given are the best sleeping bags with all the needed features.

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