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7 Best Dumbbells To Buy Online for Home or Gym Workout

Trying to set your workout zone at home these days? Start with a good pair of trendy and highly durable dumbbells for your home self-training sessions. Customized to easily fit in your grip with utmost comfort, these money-saving dumbbell collections are basic love from beginners to professional trainers. Owning the best dumbbells (as per your requirements) can easily help in fat-shredding and stronger arm building that fit right in any corner of your room – so no need for any extra space! Investing in a pair or more of these gym sets is completely worth your money.

Have a look at these purely fresh and premium options to tone your upper body into a perfectly desirable shape.

7 Best Dumbbells to Buy 2020

1. AmazonBasics Vinyl 2 Pound Dumbbells – Set of 2, Yellow 

The cool-looking pair of 2 dumbbell sets in yellow color is made with superior steel and the external vinyl coating. They can amplify and simplify your regular workout look with their trendy design. The 2 pounds (0.91 kgs) weight is best suitable for novice trainees. Good to pair with your daily aerobics routines, squats, or basic walking sessions.


·         Weight: 2 Pound (0.91 kgs) each

·        Material: Steel with a vinyl coating

·        Perfect for: Weight training and chest & shoulder exercise

·        Grip: Non-slippery grip surface


· Great comfort

· Easy to use

· Vibrant color & stylish look

· Strong, non-slippery vinyl grips

· Different sizes available

· Durable


· Non-adjustable

2. Kore DM-Hexa Combo Dumbells Kit- 10 KG

The pair of perfect gym equipment comes with a sturdy material and rubber casing for the weights. They are long-lasting and durable with ridged handles for support during intense workout sessions. Hexagonal shape prevents unnecessary rolling, which makes them safe. Best for high-intensity workouts and a must to have pair of metallic dumbbells.


· Weight: 2 x 10kg

· Material: Steel

· Perfect for: Weight training

· Grip: Metallic and smooth finished


· Durable features

· Long lasting quality

· Hexagonal shape provides good support

· Rubber coated weights

· Elegant looks


· Uncomfortable grip

3. Aurion M5 Unisex Dumbell Set

Pair of these green dumbbell sets have a comfortable grip for home gym training. These 2 x 5 kg dumbbells are good for aerobic exercises and weight loss workouts. They are the perfect combo of looks and quality at a money-saving price. These unisex dumbbells can easily get you toned muscle and great strength. As a beginner, these are a good set of gym equipment to start the fitness journey.


·        Weight: 5kg each set

·        Material: Iron with PVC coating

·        Perfect for: Weight training

·        Grip: Good grip


· Colored with an elegant look

· Portable

· Comfortable grip

· Suitable for men and women

· Cost-effective & convenient


· Good for only basic fitness routines at home

4. deb. Pair of 2.5 Kg Vinyl Dumbbells For Exercise Home Fitness

A pair of best dumbbells to have in your home gym that comes with modern looks and additional hexagonal heads for safer gym workout sessions. Shiny looks and colorful variants add up to its versatile features. These dumbbells give you the perfect workout vibes. The comfy and supportive grip saves you from dropping it on the floor. Raise your fitness bar and go for these sets of professional-grade compact gym equipment.


· Weight: 2.5 x 2 hexagonal dumbbells

· Material: Thick vinyl coating

· Perfect for: Weight training

· Grip: Easy grip


· Comfy and compact size

· Eye-catching color & look

· Tough and durable

· Easy to use

· Value for money


· No size options

5. Cockatoo Rubber Coated Round Dumbbells

These premium quality professional grade dumbbell sets. Highly durable and long-lasting features combined with high-quality rubber gripped handles makes them the best dumbbells for every professional trainer. These single mold dumbbell pairs are of 50 kgs each, so it can give extreme strength to the arms and are perfect for building biceps and triceps.


· Weight: 50kg x 2 

· Material: Rubber coating 

· Perfect for: Weight training

· Grip: Non-slippery grip


· Durable and sturdy design

· Professional grade equipment

· Ridged handlebars

· Elegant and comfy

· Safe


· It is quite expensive.

6. Kobo Imported Rubber Dumbbells

Pair of hexagonal dumbbells that are made from cast iron, making it highly durable. They are best suited for high-intensity workouts like cardio. Due to their good grip, they can also be tried during aerobic exercises. Safer to use with a middle iron handlebar makes it easy to use during rigorous workout sessions. Step forward to get the best results with these perfectly weighted gym sets. And the best part you get 2 in 1 color .- black and chrome!


· Weight: 1 kg each set

· Material: Cast iron and Rubber

· Perfect for: Weight training

· Grip: Easy grip


· Tough

· Comes in rubber-coated weight heads

· Easy to handle

· Safer hexagonal shape

· Economical


· Only 3 size variants

7. Kore PVC Combo Dumbbells Kit

This PVC coated dumbbell kit with adjustable weight plates is the perfect gym goal. Customize the appropriate size as per the workout convenience and get toned muscles. They are highly durable and best for muscle building workouts. The nut lock system for workout accident prevention is extra features that add up to the overall convenience of these best dumbbells. Its four adjustable plates and leather coating make it a must to have fitness equipment. 


· Weight: 3kg x 4 and 2kg x 4 (20kg)

· Material: Firm leather coating

· Perfect for: Professional weight training

· Grip: Easy and comfy grip


· Customizable weights

· Long Lasting and sturdy design

· Strong support

· Safe to use

· Good for the price


· Plastic nuts could have been replaced with high-quality nuts.

Buying Guide :

Here’s an all-in-one buying guide for your convenience to know all about the dumbbells before and choose the best option to sky-high your workout training.

Why Dumbbells?

Dumbbells are a great accompaniment for fitness training and don’t cover much of your room space. These light to heavyweight gym equipment effectively improves your arm strength and balance in no time. If you are a novice in your fitness journey, these are an amazing choice to increase your body strength that is helpful to continue other exercises. Dumbbells are versatile options, and you can do a wide range of workouts – apart from being ideal muscle-building options. Trendy as these are, dumbbells can reduce lots of pounds and can be alternated with other workout training. Money-saving is another boon if you are buying your own gym set for a fitness routine.

What to Consider When Buying Dumbbells?

While trying your hand in buying dumbbells, if you come past the below features, you can rest assured to get the best gym set.

·        Type of Dumbbell –Fixed/Adjustable

Fixed or adjustable, both the dumbbells offer you the same output i.e., gaining strength, balance, and growing biceps or triceps. What’s different is the space, price, and addition. Adjustable dumbbells give you a low-cost and customized option, where you can add dumbbell plates as per your convenience. Also, in matters of space, adjustable dumbbells with removable plates are easier to fit in much lesser space than fixed dumbbells. 

·        Comfort

In case you are wondering how to choose the dumbbells that give you comfort, you should go for the ones that are built in convenient shape, are easy to grip, and have reduced noise. Hexagonal shaped dumbbells with rubber grip are the best choice if you have a taste for upbeat fashion that comes in your comfort zone. 

·        Material

Dumbbells are available in a wide variety of materials like iron, stainless steel, chrome, rubber, and rigid plastic. If you are looking for a safer version with a great grip comfort, rubber material should be your preference. Rigid plastic coatings are durable and are good value for money. Most common are dumbbells made with cast iron or stainless steel with a coating of paint or thin enamel layer, which can come off after regular use.

·        Weight

Dumbbells are used primarily for light weight lifting exercises, so considering the right weight is an essential factor. As a beginner with average body weight, you should start with 5kg dumbbell sets. Dumbbells are available in a range of 2.5 kg-40 kg. With adjustable plates, you can easily raise the weight.

·        Durability

If durability is the rate card, metallic gym equipment is the best choice for anyone with their sleek and shiny look and smooth finish. Chrome dumbbells are getting soaring demands with their purely elegant style and durable features.


A one-time investment in this gym equipment has multipurpose usage in daily fitness regime like multiplanar movements, biceps curls, shoulder raises, and chest and full-body workouts. Possessing a pair of best dumbbells is also an apt option for maintaining physical fitness during the ongoing pandemic. Just buy single or multiple pairs of fixed dumbbells or adjustable weight increment plates, and you are ready to reach your target physique.

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