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6 Telltale Signs Showcasing You’re Too Hard On Yourself

Nowadays, it can be quite common to see the world pushing towards the agenda of grind and hustle culture because such tactics help us to push ourselves towards betterment. But, putting too much pressure on ourselves to strive for perfection can have negative consequences. Hence, to keep up with the grind, you sacrifice your mental & physical health & well-being since multiple studies have shown that the hustle & grind mindset can be detrimental to living a happy life.

As a result, you become so fixated on your goals, that you fail to check back on the damage that you’re causing to yourself. Thus, we have rounded up some of the primary signs that will tell you it’s time to cut yourself some slack.

Major Signs That You’re Being Too Hard On Yourself

1. You Blame Yourself For Things That Aren’t Under Your Control

While it’s generous to take responsibility for the mistakes you make, it’s also easy to forget that you’re a human being. Hence, when something doesn’t go according to plan, you beat yourself over it, even though you already gave your best. So, instead of blaming yourself, you must accept your fate and move on.

2. You Focus On Things That Are Yet To Be Accomplished

Being ambitious and actively working hard to reach your goals is always commendable. But, if you start comparing your success to others, you’ll forget the progress that you’ve made. Thus, you must appreciate your journey rather than feeling that you haven’t yet achieved enough.

3. You Find It Difficult To Accept Compliments

Being too hard on yourself means that your inner critic is negatively impacting your thoughts. Therefore, even if someone gives you a proper compliment, you brush it off thinking of it as a lie. In moments like these, you need to boost your self-esteem by surrounding yourself with people who always see the best in you.

4. You Dismiss Your Ideas

Every human is capable of being creative, including you. But, if you shoot down your ideas quickly before you even start sharing them with others, then it’s a classic case of you being too hard on yourself. Instead of trying to judge an idea, proceed to share it and let it bloom into action before moving on.

5. You Rarely Take A Break

Pressurising yourself to work at all times isn’t always productive and can make you feel worse. As a result, your performance degrades. Thus, it’s crucial to take a break from your busy schedule and rejuvenate your mind & body.

6. You Dwell On Your Mistakes

Focusing too much on your mistakes make you get stuck in the past, thereby preventing you to move forward and letting you live in the present. Rather than dwelling on your mistakes, use them as learning moments, so that you don’t make a similar mistake in the future.


The human mind can sometimes be our greatest friend or the worst enemy. Such is the reason why it’s crucial to take a step back and evaluate your motives once in a while. Having a harsh inner critic isn’t always helpful and sometimes can change the way you think about yourself. But, a new perspective and a better understanding of your life goals can help you silence your inner criticism that is holding back your potential.

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