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6 Best Height Increasing Insoles in India

There is no doubt a bias towards taller people in today’s time. People who are tall are often considered to be more attractive and persuasive. The ideal man is often described as “tall, dark and handsome”. These notions can negatively affect people with relatively shorter heights.

While getting comfortable in your skin and challenging the stereotypes is a great way to fight bias, not everyone is able to achieve that kind of confidence.

This is where height increasing insoles come into play. They are a great way to boost confidence and can also be the first step towards developing self-acceptance. These insoles can instantly increase your height by a few inches but in a very subtle way.

The best height increasing insoles are generally made of rubber or silicone and are an absolute boon for anyone who is conscious about their height because of how affordable, effective, and almost unnoticeable they are.

How to use height increasing insoles?

Insoles as their name suggests are the layer of fabric inside the shoe on which your foot rests. Height increasing insoles are worn by replacing the existing insoles of your footwear. These come in two variations- full pads and half pads. Full pads extend through the whole length of the footwear while half pads stretch only halfway up the arch of the foot. Some full pad insoles can even be trimmed according to the shoe size of the wearer. Insoles are pretty easy to use. As mentioned above, all you need to do is replace the insole of your shoes with the height increasing insoles. The best height increasing insoles are multi-layered and come with height variations that can be used individually or in combination. This way you can customize your insole according to your preference and even different shoe types.

6 Best Height Increasing Insoles

1. Lify Elevator Increased Insoles Shoe Lifts

These insoles by Lify are made of three layers that can be used individually or in combination. The maximum elevation provided by these insoles is 2.7 inches and the minimum is 1.25 inches. The quality air cushion on these insoles prevents shock to the heels. Lify’s latest pad design provides additional support for the arch and ball of your foot. The best height increasing insoles are comfortable to wear and pretty discreet and this insole fulfills the criteria. The fabric is breathable and will help circulate air to prevent moisture buildup and odor.

  • Height Increase – 2.7 inches
  • Material – Rubber
Lify Elevator Increased Insoles Shoe Lifts

2. FOVERA Gel Insoles

The FOVERA Gel Insoles are made especially for people with flat feet and those who suffer from plantar fasciitis. Its unique design provides support to the foot arch and sticks to your footwear. These insoles improve leg and foot alignment and also effectively absorb micro shocks. They can be used with all kinds of footwear and can be trimmed according to your foot size. 

  • Height Increase – 0.2 inches
  • Material – Rubber 
 FOVERA Gel Insoles

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3. Alexvyan Shoe Insoles

These insoles provide a maximum elevation of 2.4 inches and can fit all kinds of footwear ranging from sizes 6 to 11. This height increasing insole by Alexvyan has 3 layers that can be used either individually or altogether. They also have an air cushion to absorb any kind of shock to the heels and make them comfortable to wear for long periods of time. 

  • Height Increase – 2.4 inches
  • Material – Rubber 
Alexvyan Shoe Insoles

4. Generic Height Increasing Insoles

These height increasing insoles can be used during athletic activities and provide a maximum elevation of 1.5 inches. These can be worn with all kinds of shoes and are made to reduce the strain on your knees during walking or running. Since these insoles are made of silicone, they are lightweight and incredibly long-lasting. The material itself is breathable and the little holes on these insoles only aid in breathability and keep your feet cool and dry for long hours.

  • Height Increase1.5 inches
  • MaterialSilicone
Generic Height Increasing Insoles

5. SKUDGEAR Adjustable Insoles

The Skudgear insoles are 2-layer half pad insoles that can be used by both men and women. These insoles are made of a durable, breathable, and anti-microbial material that helps in maintaining air circulation, preventing the buildup of moisture, and also makes sure that there is no odor. They also come equipped with a layer of air cushion which protects the heels from any shocks. The design provides additional support for the arch and ball of your foot, making it extremely comfortable to wear with any kind of shoe. These insoles can also be trimmed according to your foot size.  

  • Height Increase – 2 inches
  • Material – Rubber
SKUDGEAR Adjustable Insoles

6. Btall Insoles

These half pad height increasing insoles have 5 layers that can be detached or attached according to your preference and different shoe types. They can be worn by both men and women and are quite comfortable for regular use. The flexible gel-like material of these insoles absorbs shock and minimises the pressure on your feet while walking. 

  • Height Increase2 inches
  • MaterialGel
Btall Insoles

Things to keep in mind!

There are a few things you should keep in mind while choosing the best height increasing insole for yourself.

Firstly, always opt for the more comfortable option against the one that provides more elevation. You should pay close attention to features like shock absorbency and the ability to tackle impact.

Secondly, always look for a material that breathable, you don’t want something that makes your feet sweat, emits an odor, and will be uncomfortable to wear for long hours. Since insoles are something you are likely to get a lot of use out of, make sure that you buy something that is easy to maintain and is durable.

The most important factor when buying a height increasing insole is that it should do its job discreetly. The whole point of wearing an insole is to appear taller without anybody knowing your secret.

Make sure that the build and design provide you the desired elevation in a comfortable and subtle way.

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