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6 Best Casual White Shirts For Men


A white shirt is the most sophisticated and humble outfit that can be found in any man’s closet. For some men, a white shirt and a pair of jeans is a go-to outfit, while for others, a white shirt is an essential part of their formal wardrobe. Simple, elegant, and highly versatile, a white shirt is capable of dressing you for parties, date nights, and much more.

The white shirts hold much of oomph when worn the right way. It can be paired with classic blue jeans, suits, and trousers. So if you are willing to buy a white shirt but don’t know where to start, here are the 6 best casual white shirts for men with a buying guide to help you get the right one.    

6 Best Casual White Shirts For Men

1. Flying Machine Casual White Shirt For Men

Flying machine is one of the most popular men’s clothing brands known for launching coolest youth apparel. Apart from denim, the brand has also launched some versatile shirts. Made using 100% cotton, this shirt is ideal for casual occasions and work meetings. It features long sleeves and a button-down pattern. The slim fit design provides a tapered cut through the waist and offers a lean look.


  • Offers a professional look
  • Soft and skin-friendly material
  • Doesn’t look baggy
  • Sturdy stitching


  • Men with athletic build may find it slightly tight in the chest and arms

2. Urbano Fashion Men’s Slim Fit Shirt

If you are looking for an economical and functional shirt, this one is a great pick. This solid white shirt comes with a collared neck and full sleeves. The soft and high-quality fabric of this shirt assures comfort and style. For a casual workday or a weekend holiday, this white shirt is ideal for plenty of occasions.


  • 3-buttoned pattern for style and breathability
  • Mandarin collar
  • Roll-up sleeves with buttons
  • Fits well with its slim-fit design
  • Versatile and easy to wash


  • Color may fade after prolonged use

3. IndoPrimo Regular Fit Casual White Shirt For Men

A casual white shirt with a pair of jeans is a classic outfit combination, and if you are obsessed with this combo, consider this casual solid white shirt by IndoPrimo. The shirt features a button-down pattern and a round neck for breathability. The shirt is made using premium-quality cotton and, thus, offers air permeability, better moisture absorption, and comfort.


  • High-grade fabric and stitching
  • Regular fit
  • Ideal for machine and hand wash
  • Suitable for work, sports or casual events
  • Contrast color shirt with blue collars


  • Improper wash cycles may make the shirt wrinkled.

4. Dennis Lingo Casual White Shirt For Men

Dennis Lingo is all about comfortable and superior-quality clothes. This amazing white shirt will never go out of fashion when paired with blue jeans. This minimalistic shirt with <andarin/Nehru collar and long sleeves is an ideal option for a smart casual  and a semi- professional look.  Made using cotton, the shirt feels lightweight and super soft on the skin.


  • Offers a sophisticated look
  • Feels roomy and relaxed like a t-shirt
  • Ideal for machine and hand wash
  • Protects neck from chaffing
  • Fashionable s well as functional


  • Runs in size small

5. Jeevaan Men’s Slim Fit Shirt

If you are looking for a stylish alternative to the casual white shirt, here is an irregular side button shirt that’ll make you stand out. This slim-fit button-down shirt features long sleeves and a high neck. This is an ideal shirt for professional settings, as well as for casual wear. Also, if you prefer striped shirts better than a solid white shirt, this one comes with small stripes that enhance its minimalistic design.


  • Trendy and functional
  • Made using heavy-duty fabric
  • Can be paired with trousers and jeans
  • Machine and hand washable
  • Offers a slim fit and lean look


  • Some may find the collar suffocating

6. Red Tape Men’s Regular fit Casual Shirt

For all the style-conscious men out there, here is a casual shirt that offers a comfortable fit. This top-notch shirt features a mandarin collar and a hem that enhances its visual appeal. It is embroidered with a logo in the chest pocket and is fabricated purely using cotton for a comfortable and relaxed feel.


  • Breathable fabric
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Solid white shirt with half sleeves
  • Relaxed neckline
  • Durable and lasting stitch
  • Keeps you cool and dry


  • Some find it too baggy

Now that you have scrolled through 6 best casual white shirts for men, here is a buying guide that will help you choose a high-quality and functional shirt.

Things to consider while buying a casual white shirt for men

If you think that it’s tricky to buy the shirt that fits just right, keep these in mind while buying a shirt, and you’ll make a great purchasing decision.


The first thing to consider while buying a white shirt is the fabric or material of the shirt. Stylish shirts with wrong fabric are worthless and, thus, choose the fabric that suits you better. For regular use, you may find linen to be too thin and flannel to be too thick. This is why cotton is the best fabric for shirts. A cotton shirt will absorb moisture and sweat quickly. Plus, it is irritation-free and feels soft and lightweight on the skin. Thus, the best white shirt is the one made with 100% cotton.

Fit and Size

There are slim fit shirts, regular-fit shirts, and shirts for an athletic build. To choose the right shirt for you, know your body shape. If you are lean and small, go for a slim-fit shirt. If you have an athletic build, go for shirts made for muscular men. Thus, always look at the fit that complements your size. This will prevent you from buying either too baggy or too tight shirts.

Collar Style

There are shirts available out there with different types of collars. It’s tricky to buy the shirt with the right collar as if you make a mistake here, it will cause a lot of discomforts. Instead of huge collars, choose shirts with medium collars. Mandarin/Nehru collars or simple high neck-collars are great. The collars that are angled outwards and lean downwards are the best. Just make sure that the collar is not too wide or tight for your neck.

Stitch and finish

A shirt with a neat finish is the best. To pick a long-lasting and durable shirt, consider the buttons. Don’t choose the shirts with plastic or cheap buttons and instead, pick shirts with high-quality buttons. Also, make sure that the shirts have interlock and a sturdy stitch.


With these 6 best casual white shirts for men and a buying guide, you’ve got the basics. You can now easily pick a white shirt that best suits your body type and is fashionable. Remember, a white shirt can enhance your entire look when paired with the right outfits. Thus, invest some time in choosing the shirt and pick the one that’s worth your investment.

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