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5 Simple Ways to Reduce Smartphone Addiction

Did you know that an average person checks his phone almost 110 times a day and about three quarter of people use their phone first thing after waking up? If you check your phone in the middle of the night or if you text while walking or even if you get anxious when you are away from your phone for 2 mins, it might be a sign of smartphone addiction.

Considering how most of the tasks have now shifted online, hours of usage of smartphones can sometimes go unnoticed, which results in smartphone addiction. But you can follow some basic steps to prevent this smartphone addiction. We bring you 5 most effective ways to reduce smartphone addiction that you can start following right now. 

5 Ways To Reduce Smartphone Addiction

1. Turn off notifications

5 Ways To Reduce Smartphone Addiction

Notifications have been found to be one of the main reasons for smartphone addiction. Turning your notifications off can be a big and effective step you take to reduce smartphone addiction, as they are incredibly dopamine-inducing. Notifications lead to endless scrolling, looking at tweets, surfing instagram and more.

You can shift to calls, if urgent, and reduce your texting time. By muting or shutting off notifications for youtube, social media and other unnecessary applications, you can decrease smartphone addiction in no time.

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2. Monitor usage

A phone monitoring usage

Make a shift from using your phone any time during the day at stretch to using it for a specific time period in order to reduce phone addiction. Keep a record of your usage and try to find ways to reduce your active screen time. This will not only help you limit your smartphone usage but also give you more time to indulge in useful things.

You can even use different apps to document your smartphone usage which can be found easily online. These apps can be helpful in recording the number of hours you spend on different apps.

3. Remove non-essential addictive apps

Phone loaded with games

Deleting addictive apps from your phone can be one of the best things you can do to reduce smartphone addiction. A shorter app list means less time on the phone. Make sure you have only the important applications on your phone. The non essential applications are very time consuming and a major reason for addiction.

By eliminating the extra apps and putting time barriers on the important ones, you can surely get all the time you require to do other activities while also decreasing smartphone addiction.

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4. It’s okay to not carry your phone everywhere

A phone kept on a table

When you wonder how to reduce smartphone addiction, leaving it aside is the first thing that pops up in your mind. Even though you think that smartphones are very essential to carry out everyday activities, it is absolutely fine to leave your smartphones alone for sometime.

Do not take your phone to dinner or when you hang out with your friend or even at parties. You will not only reduce smartphone addiction but also savour some time for yourself and pay attention to your surroundings.

5. Get a Feature Phone

Hand holding a feature phone

It might sound absurd at first, but getting a feature phone can be a wonderful solution for smartphone addiction. A feature phone does not have any social media applications which play a major role in getting you addicted to your smartphone. A feature phone also includes only a few games which are often not very appealing to people. However, it can be used perfectly for making calls and hence, helps you to reduce mobile addiction in a very effective way. 

All in all

Getting rid of your smartphone addiction can be an essential thing to do as it can be severely harmful for your health. Make sure you combat this adequately and reduce smartphone addiction. Take a look at the above mentioned 5 ways to reduce smartphone addiction so that you live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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