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5 Best Casein Protein Supplements for Men

Milk has always been an essential commodity to the human body. It’s a balanced diet that contains all the vital nutrients that the human body needs to grow. One of the reasons why milk is trendy among athletes and body-builders alike is that it includes two types of protein – whey and casein. Even though whey is a widespread protein variant, casein protein supplements, on the other hand, is a new concept – compared to recent trends.

Casein is a protein that is much easier to digest than whey and can keep your appetite at bay for at least up to eight hours. Moreover, it also contains amino acids for the human body. But, since the market is full of alternatives, picking the correct casein protein powder can become a significant headache. Options are nice to have but not when it can confuse your judgement, which is why we’ve decided to list five of the best casein protein powders for you to pick from.

5 Best Casein Protein Supplement for Men

1. MuscleBlaze Casein Protein Supplement

MuscleBlaze Casein Protein Supplement

This product is being termed as an in-between meal that should be taken between your dinner and night time sleep, which will aid in reducing the overall muscle degradation due to inactivity. The product has a total content of 24 grams of protein along with 5.6 grams of BCAAs that are naturally occurring. Apart from that, the product digests slowly inside the human body, thereby keeping your tummy full for at least seven hours.


  • It helps in eliminating any muscle breakdown, which can happen due to muscle inactivity.
  • The overall protein content in the product is about 24 grams of protein along with 5.6 grams of BCAAs.
  • Has the ability to keep your tummy satisfied for at least seven hours.


  • Taste may not appeal everyone.

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2. Dymatize Elite Casein

 Dymatize Elite Casein

This is one of the better tasting casein protein supplements that you can find in the market currently. The product has been manufactured entirely with the help of micellar casein and contains about 25 grams of protein. Apart from that, it also comes with 5 grams of BCAAs and glutamine. With the help of its added amino acids, it assists in the development of your body’s muscle fibres. Moreover, any catabolic breakdown of the body’s muscles is also prevented.


  • The product has been produced 100 per cent from micellar casein and contains about 25 grams of protein as a result – apart from 5 grams of BCAAs & glutamine each.
  • It helps in the building of muscles in the human body, which is provided by the amino acids present in the protein powder.
  • Protects your body’s muscles from experiencing catabolic breakdowns.


  • May taste bit sweet.

3. Nutrition Planet Casein Protein Supplement

Nutrition Planet Casein Protein Supplement

If you’re a chocolate fanatic, then you’d highly like the chocolate flavour of this supplement. Since the protein powder slowly digests into your body, it keeps your appetite at bay for quite some time. It’s recommended to consume the product before going to bed at night. The product has been made from 100 per cent vegetarian products and per container contain about 30 total servings.


  • It has a fantastic chocolaty taste along with a protein powder that slowly digests in your body.
  • The product has been made from 100 per cent vegetarian ingredients.
  • Each container of the product will have 30 servings.


  • The product doesn’t mix too well with water.

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4. True Supplements Pure Micellar Casein Protein

True Supplements Pure Micellar Casein Protein

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that with the help of casein protein, your body’s blood flow will receive a steady stream of amino acids for better development. The casein helps in protein synthesis, especially when your body is at a resting phase. Moreover, your body’s metabolism will be increased due to casein protein and when combined with whey will provide the best results.


  • It provides the human body with a steady flow of amino acids.
  • It assists the body to improve its metabolism and thereby helps in losing body fat.
  • Excellent to be used as a post heavy resistance training.


  • Product may not mix well with water

5. MusclePharm Casein Protein Powder

MusclePharm Casein Protein Powder

If you need a protein supplement that will help your muscles to recover and repair after you’ve done with your workout, then this product will help you achieve the same. It’s recommended to intake the supplement before going to sleep at night as it comes with a protein content of almost 28 grams. Moreover, since the supplement digests slowly in the human body, it’ll keep you satisfied for an extended period.


  • It helps your muscle to repair and recover faster after a workout.
  • The product contains an overall protein content of 28 grams.
  • It can keep your tummy full for a long time.


  • May not suit lactose intolerance people.


From the above list of products, it can be seen that there are multiple benefits in choosing casein protein powder products over regular whey protein products. If you’re keen on building a fit and healthy body structure, then casein protein powder will be able to provide you with the right amount of nutrients. Moreover, it comes with digestive enzymes and aminogen to improve the protein absorption rates in your human body. With that being said, they are also less in cholesterol and high in calcium content.

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