5 Beard Styles for Square Faces To Highlight Jawline

Styling your beard with the most appropriate look for your face can sometimes be a challenging task. If you have a square face and you intend to highlight your gifted jawline with the help of dashing beard styles, we have got you covered.

By trimming, cutting, or piercing lines near your cheekbone you can show off your sharp jawline with eveready beard styles. Not only can these jawline beard styles make you look immaculate, but they can also be an easy way to look presentable that goes with all your casual and formal outfits.

Here’s a list of the 5 Best Beard styles for square faces to highlight jawline which will give you all the information you need for styling your beard.

5 Beard Styles for Square Faces to Highlight Jawline

1. Circle Beard

As the name suggests, this beard style makes the chin strap and the mustache meet in the middle, which gives it a circular look. This is a classic goatee. This is a very famous Indian beard style that is super easy to make and maintain. In addition to bringing attention to your cheekbones and your jawline, this beard style also adds volume to your chin.

Circle Beard

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2. Royale Beard

Royal beard is the perfect beard style for men who are not a fan of the pointy chin. This beard style is simply a mustache anchored by a chin strip. Royale gives you a lot more leeway than Circle Beard which makes it easy for you to groom your beard as you like.

It also gives the right level of sharpness to your jawline while also giving you a dapper look. 

Royale Beard

3. Goatee

Trimming your beard to achieve a perfect goatee can give you the perfect look that you desire. A goatee is a great beard style for men who want to grow a beard without a mustache. Not only does it help you to look dashing, but also adds all the volume you need to your beard. This is a great option to add a strong character to your face.


4. Duck Tail

For this amazing beard style, you need the hair towards your chin to grow downwards and give your beard a subtly pointed look. Perfect for all occasions, be it formal or informal, the Duck Tail is a one-way solution to give you an impeccable jawline.

This beard style is perfect to enhance your face structure by giving you well-defined cheekbones. 

 Duck Tail

5. Petite Goatee

The only difference between the normal goatee and petite goatee is that this beard style is a smaller version of the former. You can always choose this beard style to have a sharp jawline look and an elongated chin. Being a great fashion choice, it also gives you well-groomed clean lines that go with all your looks perfectly.

Beard styles for square faces


Choosing a great beard style for square faces that goes with all your looks and also highlights your jawline with just the right amount of sharpness, can now be an easy job. Have a look at the above list of 5 Best Beard Styles For Square Faces to have an amazing grooming experience

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