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10 Style Commandments Every Man Should Follow

There’s no denying that if you want to impress the people around you, grooming and dressing should be of paramount importance. Most men fail to grasp the concept of being well-dressed, which is why it’s essential to know the true style commandments. Therefore, if you’re someone who doesn’t want to make some of the most common fashion blunders, you must study these following style commandments. Moreover, dressing stylishly and smartly makes you feel better and undeniably boosts your overall confidence. So, without much pondering around, let’s start with the list.

10 Style Commandments Every Man Should Follow

1. Ensure The Fit Of The Garments

When it comes to garments, you always have to ensure that it provides a good fit for your body. Not even the world’s costliest suit can make you look great if it is not tailored to your body’s measurements. It doesn’t matter whether it’s casual or a formal suit – you’d look better & more flattering if that garment perfectly fits your body’s contours.

2. Wear Sneakers

It would be best if you always kept high-tops and running shoes restricted to be used inside gyms. Instead, wear sneakers when you’re out on the streets. Moreover, keep your sneakers classic yet straightforward, such as choosing colors like grey, white, teal, and so on. The reason is that sneakers work great with every type of clothing, including suits as well. Opt for brands such as Adidas or Converse for the same.

3. Match Your Shoes To Your Belt

Always ensure that the belt that you’ll be wearing matches the color scheme of your shoes. For instance, a black shoe should have a matching black belt, and the same can be said about brown or other colors. Not only that, but you also need to match the finish of your belt & shoes as well. For example, if your belt has a wet finish, then your shoes should also have the same finish. Ideally, choose to go with thinner belts when it comes to formal clothing. For casual attire, it’s suggested you select a thicker belt. Lastly, for black suits, always choose black-colored belts.

4. The Colour Of Your Socks Should Match The Colour Of Your Trousers

The basic rule for wearing your socks should be that – the socks’ color should match the color of your trousers. Unfortunately, most men out there match their socks’ color to their shoes, which is indeed a bad habit, to begin with. If you’re concerned with having a picture-perfect dressing style, always match the color of your socks & trousers. Such a move will help you look great, be it for a corporate environment or going for a party.

5. Invest In A Good Watch

Even though we’re in the age of smartwatches, having a classic & straightforward timepiece that only shows you the time and nothing else, is essential. Therefore, you should always opt for an excellent quality timepiece that has been made from stainless steel. Such a watch will look fantastic when worn with your jeans & blazer. Moreover, a good watch will last you at least a decade or even more, without any problems.

6. Don’t Wear A Slim Tie

Unless you’re super-fashionable and only wear highly skinny ties, it’s recommended that you should wear ties that measure at least three-inches at its fullest part. Compared to traditional ties, yours should be slimmer, but not by much. Following such a tip will help you look not only modern but also sophisticated.

7. Invest In A Good Pair Of Denim

Denim is the quintessential object in anyone’s wardrobe, which is why you should ensure that the pair of jeans you’re buying should fit you correctly. Look for types of denim that are good quality and are worth their asking price. It’s not easy to find the right one, and it might take some time as well. But you can be assured that the right pair of denim will be worth the investment, any day of the week. When choosing the perfect pair of denim, always aim for a dark wash along with a slim fit & good material quality.

8. Avoid Cheap Clothing

Your untrained eye may not be able to spot the differences in quality between two similar-looking garments. But, you can always check their prices and thereby be aware of their underlying quality. As a general rule of thumb, the overall life expectancy of clothing can be directly matched to the amount you’ll pay for. A cheap garment will always last you for a short period, so it’s pointless to expect longevity. Also, try to keep the following proverb in mind – you always get what you pay for.

9. Keep Your Shoes Clean

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an IT professional, banker, or accountant – wearing dirty shoes is a major no-no and is a huge turn-off, especially in the corporate world. Cleaning your boots daily is like keeping your soul & body clean. Unless you don’t care about keeping your shoes in good shape, you should try to maintain your shoes free from dirt, dust & scratches.

10. Keep Your Single-Breasted Jacket Unbuttoned While Sitting

If you’re wearing a single-breasted jacket, then always keep it unbuttoned while sitting. While standing, button only the top button and leave the bottom button undone (if your jacket has two buttons). In case your coat has three buttons, then it’s recommended to keep your top & middle button buttoned, keeping the lower/last button unfastened.


Dressing nicely and stylishly is an art that not everyone possesses. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot learn the trades of such a talent. It should be noted that practice makes a man perfect, which is why the above-mentioned style commandments should be abided by. We hope our valuable suggestions will be able to provide you with a new joyous lifestyle.

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