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10 Painless Ways To Accelerate Your Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight isn’t a straightforward task because it can be stressful. Most people fail to reach their objective of losing weight because they cannot follow a proper exercise or diet plan. There’s no denying that trying to fulfil the strict demands of a diet plan requires a lot of commitment and perseverance, which is why it can be painful to cope with the same.

However, the good news is that – you don’t need to practise painful exercises and stressful diet plans anymore because there are various other ways to painlessly lose weight. Even making minor changes in your daily lifestyle can help you reach your weight loss goal and thereby lead a happy & healthy life.

Ideal Procedures To Lose Weight Painlessly

1. Consume Mineral-rich Foods

Minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium can help your body create a counter-balance for bloat-inducing sodium, ultimately assisting in weight loss for men. Some common mineral-rich foods include sweet potatoes, leafy greens, oranges, melons, carrots, tomatoes, bananas and cauliflower. Additional health benefits include lowering of blood pressure, blood sugar and overall risk of chronic diseases.

2. Eat Healthily

Proceed to include more healthy foods in your diets, such as peas, juicy fruits, cherries and other fruits & vegetables. Furthermore, consider restricting your carbohydrate intake and increasing your protein & fibre consumption. Proteins are the most crucial nutrients required for lessening body weight because a high protein intake helps in boosting your body’s metabolism, lowers appetite and alters other weight-regulating hormones in your body.

3. Opt For A Keto Diet

The keto diet is a low-calorie, high-fat content diet, where the human body is put into a state of ketosis. In this state, fat gets burned into ketones, which are then utilised in place of carbohydrates. Since the body is starved of calorie intake, the same is then sourced from the stored fat in your body, thereby helping in weight loss.

4. Consume Fewer Snacks

Frequent consumption of snacks increases insulin levels in the human body. This is because insulin is a fat-storing hormone and therefore prevents the breakdown of fat cells in the body. Hence, you must restrict your snacking sessions to only once or twice per day. Also, opt for healthy snacks such as nuts and apples.

5. Lower Salt Intake

The daily intake of salt shouldn’t be more than 2.4 grams. Hence, if your consumption is higher than the aforementioned amount, then it’s time to ditch those salty snacks & tableside saltshakers.

6. Portion Control Your Food Intake

One of the easiest ways for experiencing quick weight loss is to portion control the food you intake. That’s why eating food from a bowl rather than a plate can help you control your calories while preventing you from eating more than your body requires. Moreover, eating the same quantity of food from a small bowl compared to a large plate will give your mind the illusion that you’ve eaten sufficiently.

7. Eat High Water Content Foods

Apart from drinking lots of water every day (at least eight glasses), you should also consume high water content foods. For instance, foods such as watermelon, cucumber, celery, grapes, asparagus, pineapple, cranberries and artichokes are not only high in water content but fibre as well. Hence, your stomach will stay full for a long time and you’ll feel less urge to eat.

8. Eliminate Refined Foods

Otherwise known as ‘clean eating’, the concept revolves around eliminating the consumption of processed, packaged & refined foods (including refined sugar) and instead investing in whole foods along with sufficient fruits & vegetables. Furthermore, you should refrain from eating out frequently and take a deeper look into the ingredients that you consume every day.

9. Add Physical Activities To Your Routine

When we talk about physical activities, we aren’t talking about strenuous exercises. Physical activity can be something like a fast walk, riding a bike or dancing, which helps in speeding up the process of weight loss for men. Hence, you can indulge in your favourite sports activities without stressing about exercising.

10. Sleep Soundly

Eating healthy is just as important as sleeping soundly. Any sleep deprivation can slow down the overall rate of metabolism in your body, thereby making you fat. At least eight hours of sleep is recommended every day.


To enjoy quick weight loss effortlessly, the ideal move should be to eliminate unhealthy supplements and crash diets. Instead, you must focus on practising healthy eating habits for your daily routines and replacing refined carbs & sugary drinks with water, whole grains, probiotics and the likes.

Ensure that you take into account our recommendations so that you can experience an active and long-lasting lifestyle.

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