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10 Health Benefits of Whey Protein Powders

As of 2020, more than 11% of adults consume protein powder or some protein supplement to boost their protein intake. Fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders spend tons of money on protein powders. So have you ever wondered what makes protein powders so popular these days? Well, it’s the health benefits that it offers. If you are willing to use any protein powder but are sceptical, here are the 10 health benefits of whey protein powders that will help you make your decision.

Health benefits of whey protein powders:

Whey Protein powder supports muscle growth

 Protein supplements are incredibly effective in promoting muscle growth. Protein is an essential nutrient for growing muscles and also for preventing muscle loss. Protein is filled with amino acids that aid muscle growth by creating micro-tears in the muscles. When you consume the protein powder, the amino acids are used for repairing those tears, and when they fill the tears, they get stronger and more prominent in size. 

Not only athletes and bodybuilders, but protein powder is also great for adults as it prevents the loss of skeletal muscle mass caused due to ageing. Thus, protein ingestion leads to muscle growth and therefore is good for overall health.

Helps you maintain weight

If you are struggling to manage your weight, protein powder is something that will help you feel fuller. Protein powder makes you feel fuller for longer so you don’t have to snack around between your meals which can lead to weight loss and weight management. The protein intake increases the levels of appetite-reducing hormones which leads to smaller portion sizes and less eating by reducing your hunger in general.

Whey Protein powder help lower blood pressure

The consumption of protein powder reflects low blood pressure for up to 4% when consumed regularly for a few weeks. Certain evidence also shows that regular protein powder consumption can lower blood pressure, especially in people with high blood pressure or hypertension. With lower blood pressures, the risk of ischemic heart disease and other issues like hypertension, stroke etc. is also reduced. Thus, people with high blood pressure should consume protein for reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases and for better health. 

Whey Protein intake improves recovery

For athletes, gym enthusiasts and any active person, a healthy recovery is a must. When you consume protein powder, it improves the post-workout and repairs the damaged tissues and muscles. This is the reason most of the athletes, bodybuilders and trainers use and recommend consuming protein powder. Your workouts can cause small tears in your muscle which leads to muscle soreness, and protein powder effectively works in repairing the muscle soreness. This process of repairing the muscles is known as protein synthesis.

It Improves stamina and overall performance 

Protein powder has stamina enhancing effects. Various studies have shown that consumption of protein before or after workouts increases muscle protein synthesis, which leads to improved performance. When your muscles get sore after workouts, drinking a protein powder shake will help in repairing the muscles and thus will prepare you for your next workout sessions. This is the reason you will feel more energetic and active for your next workout session. Thus, consuming protein powder before and post workouts will improve your overall efficiency.

Offers Added nutrition

Protein powder is a nutrient-rich supplement and thus, will prove your body with some important and essential nutrients. Along with protein as the main nutrient, protein powders also consist of nutrients and minerals like calcium, dietary fibres etc. It also consists of creatine that boosts efficiency, enzymes that aid digestion and absorption of nutrients and L-Carnitine that mobilizes fatty acids from fat cells for enhanced energy levels.

It helps you sleep better

Several researches show that low protein intake leads to poor sleep quality, and an adequate amount of protein leads to enhanced sleep quality. Protein powder is rich with amino acids, and the amino acid named tryptophan enhances the production of serotonin hormone and melatonin (sleep-inducing hormone) which leads to improved sleep quality. During deep sleep, the brain releases growth hormones in the bloodstream, which promotes blood flow throughout the body and improves muscle growth and repair. 

Helps treat Diabetes

A high protein diet helps patients with diabetes maintain their blood sugar levels. Several studies show that patients with diabetes who consumed a high-protein diet had low glucose levels post each meal. Protein can be easily broken down into glucose and can be used as energy and thus, is a great supplement for people with diabetes.

Especially whey protein is capable at moderating blood sugar levels. This increases insulin levels and sensitivity to its effects. These properties of protein powder are similar to diabetic drugs, and thus, protein powder is considered as a helpful supplement for people with diabetes.

Improves overall health

Protein is filled with amino acids, and these amino acids help in transporting molecules throughout the body, protects the body from various bacteria and viruses, prepares new cells and repairs the damaged cells and promotes muscle growth in teenagers, adults and pregnant women. Protein powder also makes enzymes, body chemicals and hormones in the body and thus is considered as a building block of muscles and bones.

Reduces chronic inflammation

Short term inflammation is common as well as beneficial for those who workout daily. However, extreme or chronic inflammation is harmful to the body. According to several studies, whey protein powder consumption reduces C – reactive protein which is a key cause of inflammation, and thus, the reduced levels of C – reactive protein will reduce chronic inflammation.


Protein powders are a great way to increase your protein intake and stay healthy. These supplements are not great only for those who work out for hours in the gym but are also great for ageing adults for improving their muscle mass. If you are willing to boost your protein intake, consider the above-given health benefits of whey protein powders and get stronger every day! 

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