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10 Habits Of Impeccable Groomed Men

There’s no denying that nowadays, men’s grooming has become an honoured art. But that doesn’t mean that you have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on the best available products. What you need to do is to obtain just the bare essentials that works best for you, and you’ll be good to go. You have to select products that pertain to your hair care, grooming and skin type. The main trick here is to maintain a strict daily routine that will be simple & quick to follow.

Here we have guided you with 10 habits of impeccable groomed men:

1. Try Visiting Your Barber More Often

The best way to do this is to always remain proactive when it comes to cutting your hair. Some men can wait weeks before their locks enjoy an additional growth spurt while there are other types of men who’d make an appointment with the barber even when their locks haven’t seen growth that much. If you want to be one of those impeccably groomed men, then being the latter always matters.

Furthermore, your barbershop should be a regular place that you can trust with ease without experiencing any anxiety regarding any mess the barber might create out of your hair.

2. Know Your Type Of Hair Products

It should be remembered that one size will never fit them all, and that’s what hair products for men are all about. If you have unruly, thick hair – then you need waxes and pomades for your hair. There are also separate hair products for those who have thin & less hair on their scalp.

The best solution would be to perform your thorough research on the matter. The products that you’ll buy usually will perform the tasks that they advertise on their containers and with some trial & error, you’ll be able to find the right product for your hair requirements.

3. Find The Perfume That You’re Attracted To

When you use aftershaves and colognes, you should know that these products are built to compliment your personality and not make others feel uncomfortable when they pass you. Therefore, try to use perfumes, deodorants, colognes and aftershaves sparingly rather than trying to own a dozen of them and then getting confused to which scent you like.

When investing in summer-based perfumes, choose those having lighter notes and are citrus-based. For winter-based ones, choose herb-like, spicy or woody scents.

4. Using An Automatic Toothbrush

In simpler terms, you’ve to take care of your mouth in the best manner possible – because it’s the gateway to your personality or character. No woman would like a foul-mouthed man, which is why you need to invest in an electric toothbrush and let the machine do the job for you.

It has been reported by the Sheffield University that electric toothbrushes can remove plaque 11 per cent more effective than manual ones. Moreover, you can also proceed to use a mouthwash after brushing your teeth.

5. Scrubbing Your Face Weekly

A well-made scrub can quickly eat away deceased skin elements and is, therefore, an essential recipe to keep your skin healthy, soft and supple. Do this weekly, and you’ll enjoy a perfect skin. Always opt for scrubs made from natural ingredients, such as apricot kernels or oats.

6. Keep Your Beard In Good Shape

Of late, beards have become a status symbol and have therefore been a regular fixture at most offIces, party clubs, bars, workplaces and so on. Therefore, if you want to keep up with the trend, you have to invest in a good trimmer and shaver – preferably electric ones.

By using a decent trimmer for your beard needs, you can keep your neck hairs from enjoying growth and also give yourself a semblance of care as well. Moreover, you don’t have to spend much either.

7. Always Wear A Sunscreen When Moving Out

What most men don’t realise is that sunscreens are much more critical in 2020 than ever before. With the earth’s ozone layer depleting and the increase in the sun’s UV rays, using sunscreen will reduce wrinkles, ageing and also lower the risks of skin cancer – which is worryingly on the rise, of late.

Using an SPF 15 rated sunscreen would be enough for most men out there.

8. Keep Your Nails Tipy-Topy

You need to make a habit of trimming your hand and feet nails at least once per week. This can be done generally after your shower or bath so that the nails soften up and thereby will be much easier to trim as well.

Also, start using a moisturiser so that you’ll be able to smoothen out the flaky, rough skin that you find around your nail bed.

9. Treat Your Dark Circles

Your eyes need to be cared for as much as the other parts of your body, which is why if you have dark circles under your eyes, you have to get rid of it pretty fast. You can quickly eliminate dark circles and puffiness by using an eye roll-on or an eye cream.

Moreover, dark circles are related to your sleep cycles as well, so be sure to go to bed early too.

10. Maintain A Healthy Feet Care Routine

Even though most men tend to avoid taking care of their feet, a good feet care routine is essential. You need to take care of your feet after your shower or bath by applying moisture on them and thereby keeping them soft & supple.

For summers, start wearing some sandals rather than wearing shoes/sneakers all the time – to give your feet a much-needed relief.


At the end of the day, you must remember that taking care of yourself – even if you’re a man – is a good thing. It’s not always about trying to impress someone, but rather keeping your body in good shape. The effects of grooming don’t go away easily, and you’ll continue to feel their impact even in your older age. Needless to say, the time and money that you’ll be investing upon will be worth it.  

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